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Terra Virtua Kolect

Terra Virtua Kolect

The Home of Digital CollecTerra Virtua is the first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform, uniquely focusing on VR games, eSports, live events and broadcasts, combining the admission elements of Netflix (monthly subscription for all content), and pay per attraction to create a unique, immersive platform.tibles.

Terra Virtuatm is a unique, blockchain-driven VR platform, a VR ecosystem delivering all forms of entertainment within a virtual world, and supporting all of the top VR hardware brands.

The platform will be comprised of: Premium games and attractions, including eSports, from established games developers, which can be accessed via a Netflix-style monthly subscription; Concerts, Sports and other Live events in VR; Monetiseable User-created VR content, created using our Terra Forma toolkit.

Terra Virtua will have its own robust, secure blockchain based economy. Zones, in-game items, skins, upgrades and unique experiences can be bought and sold within Terra Virtua, driven by our token, the Terra Virtua TERRA (TVA). TVA owners will be a vital part of the ecosystem, kickstarting the Terra Virtua economy.


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February 2, 2022


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