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Targomo is combining location analysis and AI to help organizations generate data-based insights and forecasts to boost performance.

About Us

Targomo provides a cloud-based location intelligence platform that enables organizations worldwide to optimize business decisions and actions. Targomo’s innovative technology brings together spatial analysis and artificial intelligence, allowing for the strategic integration of location performance indicators into all business operations.

Location Planning Made Easy

Targomo provides retailers and last mile delivery suppliers with an easy-to-use location intelligence platform for site selection and location network planning. With its intuitive design and pre-installed data, TargomoLOOP enables you to create powerful and fast spatial analysis without any technical background. Run through numerous scenarios within minutes, gain data-based insights and speed up your decision making.

Intuitive design

Many data sets available

Quick results

AI-powered analytics

Forecast Site Performance

More than 80% of the success of individual retail chain stores depends on their location. We can predict this success. Based on your company’s geo-data, we develop and train a spatial predictive model to forecast your relevant KPIs such as store revenue, sales or guest count. We integrate the spatial model into TargomoLOOP so that you receive a prediction of the expected performance for each address you enter.

Heat maps visualize potential of entire sales territory

Instant KPI prediction for any address

High quality data and statistics for countries worldwide

We have plenty of data sets and statistics available for our products TargomoLOOP and TargomoAPl: Socio-demographic as well as socio-economic data, income and spending power, information about buildings, companies and employment, consumer profiles, foot traffic and more. We also offer transit data on a global level. For a complete list with detailed information, please visit our Data Explorer.

If you are interested to learn more or can’t find the data you are looking for, get in touch.



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