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Launched in 2017, T Net as cryptocurrency exchange is obligated to provide issue and circulation service for Token. Aiming to create an ecosystem

T Net (Tokencan), launched in 2017, is an international site for encrypted digital assets offering issuance and liquidity services for tokens. T Net has various business projects, including but not limited to Misscoin Project Incubator, Merit Wall, Mr. Game Platform, Mining Pool Mall, etc., which can provide comprehensive one-stop service for project parties and multiple profit opportunities for intermediaries. In recent years, T Net has developed rapidly, and its market is growing. Based on South Korea, T Net radiates to Southeast Asia, and actively opens to European and American markets, which is very active and responsive. YLB, as T Net coins, creates the original dividend contract mining mode, and shares the exchange’s dividends with every YLB lock up users through smart contracts. The win-win development model has been recognized by the major communities, which has laid a solid foundation for the rise of T Net to a higher level.


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