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German city and capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg

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July 26, 2021
The successful participants presented their innovations at Startup Autobahn's Expo Day 10. The Porsche Data Cup is an open innovation competition organised by Porsche and the data platform High Mobility. The participating teams developed new data-based business models in the categories e-mobility, smart home, insurance and fintech since mid May. Using the Porsche Car Emulator, they simulated real applications and tested them under real-life conditions on a digital likeness of a vehicle. T...
Science X staff
May 18, 2021
The availability and sustainable management of water as well as safe sanitation for all are important goals of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But how is this to be achieved in a country like Peru, where water is scarce but more and more of it will be needed due to population growth and the economic boom? To this end, the TRUST project developed concepts that combine research and practical knowledge from the natural, engineering, and social sciences and involve those affected at the local and regional levels. The final report, which is now available, results in five theses and a total of 20 recommendations for water resources, water use, and water management.
April 23, 2021
Porsche has been a sports car manufacturer for more than seven decades. However, technological innovations under the Porsche name go back much further: Ferdinand Porsche founded his design office in Stuttgart on 25 April 1931 and had it entered in the commercial register. Since then, the Porsche name has been closely associated with customer development projects. Today, the tradition of engineering services is successfully continued by Porsche Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pors...
Science X staff
April 16, 2021
A quantum spin liquid is a state of matter in which interacting quantum spins do not align even at lowest temperatures, but remain disordered. Research on this state has been going on for almost 50 years, but whether it really exists has never been proven beyond doubt. An international team led by physicist Prof. Martin Dressel at the University of Stuttgart has now put an end to the dream of a quantum spin liquid for the time being. Nevertheless, the matter remains exciting.
March 24, 2021
Headed by Ashleigh Barty, the world No. 1, a total of seven Top 10 players will be appearing in the Porsche Arena from 17 to 25 April. They are joined by eight grand slam winners on the entry list published by the WTA for the long-standing Stuttgart tournament. This year's main prize for the winner is a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. For Ashleigh Barty, it is her first participation at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. "I've heard lots of positive things about the tournament and I'm really lo...
DSP Concepts
February 17, 2021
/PRNewswire/ -- DSP Concepts, whose Audio Weaver platform powers more than 50M devices for many of the world's best consumer and automotive brands, today...
December 7, 2020
To kill time in the final minutes of their game against Werder Bremen, Stuttgart's striker Silas Wamangituka took his sweet time getting the ball in the goal when he was left with a wide open net. He ended up...
NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH
November 20, 2020
/PRNewswire/ -- Two leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) research, have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for future close collaboration: NEC...
June 18, 2020
Timo Werner has been a star for RB Leipzig, but how will his skills translate to Chelsea? Expect the perfect striker for the Blues' attack.
October 4, 2019
, , , , • 29 Setra low-entry buses for four companies in Lower Saxony , , • Nine low-entry vehicles for Kurz Omnibusverkehr GmbH , , • Six low-entry buses for Schmetterling Reise- und Verkehrs-Logistik GmbH , , , , , , A total of 44 new Setra low-entry buses will strengthen the scheduled bus fleets of companies in Lower Saxony, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. The public transport system in the Diepholz district will shortly take delivery of 30 new Setra regular-service buses. Kurz Omnibusverkehr in...
Reuters Editorial
September 24, 2019
German luxury carmaker Daimler will pay a fine of 870 million euros in relation to the certification of diesel vehicles that did not meet regulatory requirements, prosecutors in the southern city of Stuttgart said on Tuesday.
July 16, 2019
Discover the universe from the back seat of a Porsche : at the Startup Autobahn Expo Day this Tuesday in Stuttgart's Wagenhallen venue, the sports car manufacturer and the startup "holoride" will show what entertainment could look like in the future for passengers in a Porsche., , , , The aim of the joint project between Porsche and "holoride" is to give passengers the opportunity of immersing themselves in virtual entertainment worlds. For this, a VR headset with sensors is paired to the vehi...
Varex Imaging Corporation
May 6, 2019
SALT LAKE CITY, May 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Varex Imaging Corporation (Nasdaq: VREX) today announced the company will be showcasing its X-ray components for...
Reuters Editorial
March 27, 2019
A German court on Wednesday said it won't allow a second investor group action against Volkswagen AG and its controlling shareholder, Porsche SE, for allegedly failing to inform investors about the Diesel scandal in 2015.
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