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StudySync is an educational software suite created by BookheadEd Learning, LLC for middle school, high school, and college-level education.

StudySync was created by Robert Romano in partnership with Jay King in Sonoma County, California, USA. It is a digital literacy curriculum with print support, used to promote reading, writing, critical thinking, speaking and listening skills. It is comprehensive ELA/ELL (English Language Acquisition/English Language Learners) curriculum. The material is sortable by topic and the learners reading level.It received top honors from EdTech Digest, winning its “Cool Tool” Award in 2013.

Starting in 2013 it has been in partnership with McGraw-Hill Education. In 2014 the New York Times reported that the program was being used in 22,000 classrooms. The program also includes "School of Thought” audio podcasts which look at students views on 21st century learning, the podcasts aim to improve listening and critical thinking skills.

In 2018 StudySync partnered with the non-profit News Literacy Project, an organization dedicated to educating middle and high school students to separate fact from opinion in the media.



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