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Squiggles Roadmap
Phase 1: Our Squiggle Society

Building a strong and healthy community is the first step in ensuring the long-term success of our project; Having a powerful community that supports and backs the founding team is essential in making certain we can accomplish all of our goals. In our effort to establish a strong bond between the founding team and community members, we plan on hosting AMA’s, organizing events, and maintaining 100% transparency at all times. Our community will continue to grow and flourish. We could not be more excited to bring you along this journey.

Phase 2: Squiggle Work Force

This is our version of creating a genuine and effective passive income source for Squiggle holders. Our current plan is to set aside 15% of all secondary market royalty revenue into a Squiggles treasury. Holders will have the opportunity to apply for positions within the community. Different positions can generate revenue paid out on a bi-weekly basis as holders would be able to contribute to the project with their strong suits. Not only would this create stronger community dynamics, but it would also ensure long-term stability of the project. If we all work together as a team and hold each other accountable, we will be The Unstoppable Force in the NFT space.

Phase 3: Exclusive Holder Benefits

Owning a Squiggle will have numerous benefits. Our team is keen on the continued effort in taking care of our holders. We want to continue to maintain an environment where the best interest of our holders is in alignment with our best interest.

We plan to always monitor the best upcoming NFT launches, along with feedback from our holders to find projects that may have exclusive whitelists. We plan to make our best effort in providing these whitelist spots to our holders. This way our holders won’t need to put effort in other communities in order to obtain a spot on their Whitelist!

A private networking group for Squiggle holders is being planned in an effort to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world! You can meet tons of people that you can collaborate with and start new ventures.

Phase 4: Doubling Down On Squiggles

This is something that has not been done in the NFT space, and it is our way of paving a new road in the greater community. We are making a shift from discouraging derivative based projects, to motivating people in getting creative and inspiring others with their own work. In doing so, we are allowing holders to have full IP rights to their Squiggle, and having free range to do whatever they want with it so long as it meets our guidelines. Rather than restricting people in creating derivative collections to Squiggles, we plan to act as a launchpad for them! Why you may ask? Because we thoroughly believe in the decentralization of the NFT space. Furthermore, we believe that any derivative collection will only bring more eyes and attention to its parent collection! Win-win.

We also don’t plan on ONLY helping derivative based projects. We plan on establishing a launchpad for ANY type of project that our community presents to us.

This is how we plan on supporting these projects:

We plan to reserve 15% of all secondary market sales to help fund derivative projects that our team and community likes the most! All projects are welcome, but we obviously can’t fund all projects. This is our form of paying homage to our biggest supporters. We would be funding and using our influence to launch any project that’s been approved by the Squiggle Launchpad. More information on our launchpad is planned to roll out in the weeks prior to launch!

Phase 5: Squiggle Store Grand Opening

The Squiggle Store is planned to be a marketplace where you can buy both physical goods as well as digital, metaverse-ready items. We plan on having everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs for all our supporters to rock! Squiggle holders would be able to receive discounts from all items in our store as well!


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