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Sparkles NFT

Sparkles NFT

Sparkles NFT is an open NFT marketplace built on Songbird (and in the future on the Flare Network).


Sparkles NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that uses the blockchain to store and record NFTs. It is built on Songbird with the intention for it to be built on the Flare Network once it is live. The team members at Sparkles have backgrounds with the Flare Network and state that they value education, environment, and charity.The company has a goal of being a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) by having the marketplace be built by the community.

How to use Sparkles

Users start by connecting their wallets, using Sparkles NFT. Wallets that are supported as of May 2022 include MetaMask, D'cent, and BiFrost.Users can then purchase $SGB through Bitrue, Bitstamp, and to obtain NFTs. Buyers can view the NFTs that are for sale through the Sparkles NFT homepage and filter them by price or collection. Prices are listed in green, and buyers can purchase NFTs using the Sparkles NFT homepage on a computer or through a mobile device.

Sellers can also use Sparkles to sell their NFTs by uploading them to their profile. Once their NFTs are on their profile, they can be listed for sale. Sellers can set their own prices and are charged a 5 percent transaction fee for each sale.

Examples of the collections on the Sparkles marketplace


November 2021
Sparkles NFT joins Crypto Climate Accord as a signatory member.
March 7, 2021
Sparkles NFT is founded.


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