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SpaceFi is a community driven, decentralized platform with DEX, Farm, NFT, Starter and DAO.

What is SpaceFi?

Space is a community-driven DEX, but also a comprehensive platform that combines DeFi, NFT, Game, Social Network, etc. Space promotes the spirit of DAO governance, and is also looking forward to the various explorations of Web 3.0 and various new experiments. As a member of Space, you can farm in DeFi, mint your NFT, invest in Starter, create a Spacebase and vote in DAO. You are entering a evolving ecosystem.

Space token is STAR, with a fair issuance mechanism, and will currently be used in the following sections.


Provides LP rewards, NFT dividends, buyback and burn, trading mining

Space Farm

Support Single Pool, LP Pool, NFT Pool

Space NFT

Mint different levels of NFT, stake to mine or sell in the market

Space Starter

Incubation and fundraising platform to participate in early stage investment in quality projects


Space’s on-chain community, create or join Spacebase for additional mining rewards

Space is a metaverse that combines DeFi, NFT, Game, Social network and etc. into one. Any new blockchain exploration has the potential to join the Space experiment. As a member of Space, you can earn Star rewards by contributing, minting your planet NFT, forming your team and joining planet exploration



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Roadmap project


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