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The First Social Trading Aggregator + Trading Guild with Social Network on #Web3. SocialFi/DeFi/NFT/GameFi to Earn. We define #SocialFi Trading.

SocialFi Network | The First Social Trading Aggregator and Trading Guild on Web3.

SocialFi Network— the first guild-based social DeFi protocol, where users can share real, trusted, and verifiable trading strategies through the Trading Guild, accumulate reputation on the chain and earn social mining rewards, guild subscription fees.

We will provide public tools for hundreds of thousands of influencers and Smart Money on blockchain so they could create Trading Guilds and trading social networks freely to migrate their influence in the real world from Web2 to Web3.

Find Smart Money and Alpha. Follow & Trade like Smart money! Users can join guilds, and subscribe to on-chain trading strategies to follow their trusted influencers and Smart Money. Users can also find and join better trading guilds through Trading Guild Square where everything is authentic and verifiable. Don’t trust, verify on the blockchain!

Core Components of SocialFi Network

SocialFi Network consists of three core components: DeFi Hub, Trading Guilds, and Trading Social Network.

DeFi Hub

Defi Hub is a super aggregator of DeFi protocols. It aims to provide users with one-stop aggregation ports for Farm, DEX, Lending, NFT, and GameFi. Through trading social networks and social mining, users can trade at lower fees.

Trading Guilds

Trading Guilds are the social component of SocialFi Network and support the creation of Strategy Guilds and DAO Guilds. Users can create their SocialFi Trading Guilds by staking a certain amount of SocialFi tokens or Genesis NFT.

Social Mining

LP, assets, and social relations are valuable, all of which should become the calculation force of the DeFi social trading system. Therefore, we propose the concept of Social Mining.

We try to quantify the value of the social network and open up social computing to mining. Each time users trade, farm, and lend through the SocialFi Network, they can reward the related social trading network in SocialFi tokens.

Advantages of SocialFi Network

  • The first SocialFi aggregator on Web3: We will build the unique trading social networks for everyone while aggregating the mainstream DeFi protocols.
  • Innovative Initial Social Offering and Social Mining: Participate in our Initial Social Offering and Social Mining to earn tokens and NFT through the social network.
  • Decentralized Trading Guilds and Asset DAO: Join Trading Guilds created by Smart People and Smart Money, and experience infrastructure of DAO assets.
  • Created by the community and for community: Create Trading Guilds and Asset Dao on Web3 and grow with the community. Own your SocialFi network.


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