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Taiwanese manufacturer of memory storage devices

Smartbuy (Smart Buy) brand is a Taiwanese manufacturer of memory storage devices. The brand slogan of SmartBuy is "More memory at an affordable price!"

Company history

Smartbuy began its history in 2000 in Taiwan with the production of CDs in one of the largest Prodisc CD manufacturing plants. By the following year, 2001, the top three manufacturers of the best-selling optical media brands were already identified, along with SmartBuy. The success of SmartBuy in Russia, as well as in the whole world, is explained by an ideal ratio of high quality products and attractive prices.

The quality of Smartbuy CDs has been noted after a long period of time since they were recorded:

Smartbuy brand used to be associated with CDs. Files recorded on this CD-R in 2006 are still perfectly readable.

Gradually the technology has changed and the formats of the devices have changed as well. Today the optical disc is hardly used anywhere and the biggest manufacturers offer the world to store the information on small SD/Micro cards or use flash drives. Prodisc does not want to lose its leadership position and decides to launch a new project in 2011, which included flash drives, MicroSD / SD cards / SSD / HDD.


Smartbuy in Russia since 2011 has expanded production and presented more promising products from a variety of applications in addition to CDs:

USB flash drives (SD and MicroSD flash cards, flash drives)

more than 1000 different types of wiring products (motion sensors, household extension cords, switches, sockets), lighting (LED lighting) and wiring products

a range of additional products: chargers, computer accessories, as well as accessories to tablets, smartphones by Apple.

Market reasons for the expansion of Smartbuy products:

In past years, the name "Smartbuy" could often be found on price lists in the "blank CD-R/CD-RW" section - under this brand, blank CDs, aka "blanks" were sold. However, since some time the company decided to expand its presence on the market, especially as the market for "blanks" was shrinking catastrophically. The spread of broadband Internet access, the insane fall in the price of USB sticks, digital distribution, when users can directly pay for and download the necessary programs from the manufacturer's website, the explosive growth in the popularity of peer-to-peer ("torrents") and social networks, where you can find many interesting things... all this has crushed "optical".


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