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City in Kherson Oblast (province) of Ukraine

The city was founded in 1894 as a seaport for the shipment of wheat, wool and sheepskin to France, Germany and other European countries on the site of the fishing settlement Ali-Agok on the landowner S. B. Skadovsky. At 94 km from Kherson. It is a seaport. The nearest railway station is Kalanchak (52 km).

District center, located in the south of Kherson region on the shore of Dzharylgach bay of the Black Sea. The town was founded in 1890s by a local landlord Sergey Baltazarovich Skadovskiy.

Skadovsk is a relatively young town, but from the very beginning it was known far beyond the borders of the Tauride region.

Back in 1896 a study was conducted and noted that the waters of the Dzharylgach Bay are noted for their continued transparency. The percentage of salt in the water more than in the open sea, in addition, the water contains a significant amount of compounds of iodine. The temperature is subject to less fluctuations than in the sea. All this gave the place the right to become a seaside resort. Already by the revolution, this resort had a hotel with a boarding house, kursaal, bathing and sea baths. So, for 20 years, thanks to S. B. Skadovsky in the desert steppe was equipped with a resort [source not shown 2659 days].

Throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders Skadovsk is known as a resort for the recovery and treatment.

The resort has a climate due to a combination of vast steppe and warm Dzharylgach Bay. The air is saturated with ozone, bromine and iodine. Well warmed up sea water, hot summer, sandy beach. There are many health centers.


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