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Popular ski resort in Kazakhstan

The Chimbulak tract is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park at an altitude of 2200-2500 m, the Talgar Pass at 3200 m, the nearest peaks: Shkolnik peak - 3590 m, Amangeldy peak - 3999 m, Abay peak - 4010 m, Nursultan peak (formerly Komsomol peak ) - 4376 m. Every year, ascents are held to Nursultan Peak as part of the alpiniad.

For the first time, all-Union skiing competitions on Chimbulak began to be held in 1950. Fully as a ski sports base Chimbulak began its work in 1954. At the beginning of the tract, ten comfortable wooden houses were arranged for athletes, a canteen and a club, which were well equipped, had steam heating, electric lighting, and were located near the ski slopes. Chimbulak was a training base for Soviet skiers, on its slopes the championships of the USSR and Kazakhstan were held 5 times. In March 1954, a 1,500-meter steel line of a cable-towing road was put into operation at the resort.


March 28, 2022

Ski resort Chimbulak

March 4, 2022
Snow leopard caught on video on the way to Shymbulak

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