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Hip-hop artist Melon Music.

Young rapper SEEMEE became popular after releasing joint tracks with Mayot and SODA LUV. Now he is one of the most active members of the Melon Music label.


Alexei Siminok was born in Tyumen. Nothing is known about the parents of the star. The future musician since childhood loved listening to rap. Later he tried other musical directions, but always returned to hip-hop culture. As Alexei himself says, he was at home in any party, communicated with informals, with rappers, with athletes. According to the artist, he grew up on tracks by Kasta, Capa and Kartel, AK-47, OU74, The Chemodan.

In 2017, Siminok and other rappers from Tyumen created the Melon Music label. It was at this point that Alexei took the pseudonym SEEMEE, which comes from the initial syllables of his last name. Over time, the guys decided to conquer the capital. Having moved to Moscow, they opened their own music studio and named it after Lil Melon - the late rapper Daniil Tsarev, who recorded the first tracks of the future union members in Tyumen. In Moscow, the musicians live and work together as a family. As confessed by the rappers, Melon Music is more than creation and music, it's a real brotherhood, where everybody support each other. All relations are based on kindness, friendship and mutual understanding.


Not much is known about the rapper's personal life. The musician practically does not share the details of his private life in his social network accounts, and only posts working photos from the shooting of music videos and track recording. Alexey has a daughter, Alice, whom he loves very much and dedicates lines to her in the songs. For example, the daughter is mentioned in the track "Vpadlu". "Giving my daughter dough, she's home growing up Daddy remembers, Daddy knows, Daddy loves, Daddy won't leave," sings Siminok. But he admits that he is not in contact with the girl's mother. Now Siminok meets a girl named Valeria from St. Petersburg. There is no information about SEEMEE's chosen one.

Music Career

The musician's first album "SexLab" together with the rapper Mayot was released in 2018 after he moved to Moscow. In the same year the musician released another compilation "Trippin Off Drugs" also together with Mayot. 2019 was the most fruitful year for the musician. The singer records the tracks "Reckless", "No Cap", "Behind the Window" and "Vpadlu". The album "Scum Off the Pot" is also released together with Mayot. This album brought SEEMEE the most popularity, and fame came to him. People started talking about the rapper, he was invited to different musical projects, the number of his social network subscribers increased.

In 2020 SEEMEE continues to record the compositions with Mayot, also collaborates with Jabo, LUV66 and other rappers. A joint album "Magic" with YUNGWAY is released. A significant event was the release of the first video for the song "New Era" together with LOVV66. Separately the live version of the song "Hungry Dog" together with SODA LUV became famous, which hit the top of music ratings.

In 2021 the singer announced the release of his first solo album "Toxic", which is eagerly awaited by fans of the performer. Some tracks from the future album are already available: "New Sneakers" (together with LOVV66), "Not Old", "Under Neighbors". In early 2021 the rapper participated in the creation of the track "Flower" together with LOVV66. In the romantic composition, the hero's beloved girlfriend is personified in the form of a flower. In the first week the track was listened to more than 100 thousand times.



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