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SadoTech Doorbells

SadoTech Doorbells

Sadotech is a wireless doorbell company.

Sadotech was founded by Sarah Wong as a consumer electronics company in 2013. They are a company that aims to produce wireless doorbell products for different types of customers. They specifically provide products that benefit small and large homes, business owners, teachers, persons with disabilities, old-aged persons, and pet owners.


The company was first launched in December 2013. The first product launched on Amazon was the Model C. It is one of the first expandable wireless doorbells that allows users to pair twenty (20) or more different accessories relevant for different user demands such as basic alert system, classroom management, assisted living and home security. It also has the capability to cater to apartments and single-story homes with an operating range of over 500ft. The founder, Sarah Wong’s concept was to diversify the chimes and modify it to the typical western traditional chime, which was rare to find in wireless doorbell products made in Asia. Their current target market is people living in the West, specifically in the United States.

Products and Services

SadoTech’s products cater to all types of needs from assisted living, pet doorbells, classroom management, sensors and customization such as mail-box alerts.

Basic Doorbell

For apartment and single-story homes, Sadotech provides an array of basic doorbells that fit the basic need of alerting the homeowner of expected or unexpected guests

Assisted Living

According to a recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, the number of people aged 75 and older living alone will nearly double in 16 years. For elders considering independence, Sadotech also products for assisted living that serves as a wearable paging device in times of need.

Pet Doorbells

Beneficial to pet owners alike, these pet doorbells were made to signal the owner of their pet’s desire to exit or enter the doorway. Since its creation, it was considered as an essential home product.

Classroom Management

Traditionally, the classic bell was used to call students’ attention or calm a rowdy classroom and teachers have been searching for a better solution in managing a classroom. Sadotech provides classroom management solutions with their doorbells.

Alerts and Sensors

Sadotech provides solutions to burglary and possible home break-ins by signaling owners of someone approaching their doors, porches or lawns.

Customized Doorbell

With the varied needs of clients and customers, Sadotech improvised an alert system that can be customized by the user upon purchase. A range of receivers, buttons, and sensors can be chosen by interest.



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