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Russian Fishery

Russian Fishery

Русская рыбопромышленная Компания одна из лидирующих компаний по добыче минтая в России и мире. Обеспечивает всю производственную цепочку - от вылова до глубокой переработки. Современный собственный флот позволяет осуществлять добычу в любых климатических условиях.


At the Admiralty shipyards in St. Petersburg third and fourth vessels from a series of supertrawlers for RFC were launched. Supertrawler Mechanic Sizov was launched in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Keels of two more vessels were laid.

Russian Fishery Company put into operation a digital Fleet Operations Center (FOC)

The first supertrawler of the new RFC's fleet "Vladimir Limanov" started fishing

RFC began supplying a new product - surimi


At the Admiralty shipyards in St. Petersburg the first two vessels from a series of supertrawlers for RFC were launched. Construction of three more vessels has begun

The coastal fish processing plant "Russian Pollock" was put into operation in Primorye

The first supertrawler of the new fleet, which is named Vladimir Limanov, built at the Tersan shipyard, was handed over to RFC

RFC has begun decommissioning obsolete vessels to replace with new highly efficient facilities


At the beginning of the year, the first of a series of supertrawlers for RFC was laid down. It’s being built at the Admiralty shipyards in St. Petersburg. During the year, the construction of three vessels began here.

A modern automated Human Resource Center of RFC was opened in Vladivostok

RFC started selling retail products under its own brand Nordeco


Investment projects of the RFC has been presented to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum

A plant for processing Pollock named “Russian Pollock” has started to be constructed in the Far East.

A series of new generation supertrawlers has begun to be constructed as part of the RFC fleet renewal program

The company is assigned additional quotas for catching aquatic biological resources in the amount of more than 170 thousand tons. It is made in the frames of projects for the construction of new vessels and onshore fish processing facilities


Transport refrigerators "Bosphor Vostochny" and "Zolotoy Rog" has been purchased.

It’s being carried out additional modernization for the production of fillets in retail packaging and Shatterpack on the trawlers "Vladivostok", "Geroi Shironintsy", "Novouralsk" and "Ivan Kalinin". "Vladivostok" and "Novouralsk" freezer trawlers have also been equipped for Longpack packaging of products.

"Pavel Batov" freezer trawler was modernized by installing equipment for the production of herring fillets.


“Vladivostok” freezer trawler was comprehensively modernized by installation of a Pollock fillet factory


Vessels "Geroi Shironintsy", "Novouralsk" and "Ivan Kalinin" were comprehensively modernized by installation of factories for the production of pollock fillets.

The "Kapitan Oleynichuk" vessel was equipped for the production of herring fillets.


The company “Russian Sea - Dobycha", LLC was renamed into "Russian Fishing Company", LLC

Comprehensive modernization of vessels has begun. Freezer trawlers "Borodino" and "Berezina" were modernized


MSC-certificates for pollock products have been assigned


Company's assets started to be consolidated


Creation of the company "Russian Sea - Dobycha", LLC (today the company is named "Russian Fishery Company")


Foundation dates of enterprises that became parts of the Russian Fishery Company:


TURNIF, JSC (Pacific Directorate of Field Exploration and Research Fleet)




Vostokrybprom, LLC


Sovgavanryba, LLC


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