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Russia is a large transcontinental country which spans over Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

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Russia is a transcontinental state located in the east of EuropeEurope and in the north of Asia. Occupying about 1⁄3 of the territory of Eurasia and 1⁄8 of the entire earth's land, it is the world's largest state by territory. The European part of the country (about 23% of the area) includes territories to the west of the Ural Mountains (the border is conditionally drawn along the Urals and the Kuma-Manych depression; less often - along the watershed of the Greater Caucasus); The Asian part of Russia, which occupies about 77% of the territory, lies to the east of the Urals and is also called Siberia (however, the exact definition of the boundaries of Siberia is a controversial issue) and the Far East;

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