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Ruitenberg Ingredients

Ruitenberg Ingredients

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a company developing ingredient solutions for the food industry. The company was founded by Willem Ruitenberg in 1938 in Twello, Netherlands.

Ruitenberg Ingredients is a food company founded in 1938 and located in Twello, Netherlands developing and manufacturing ingredients for the food industry. The company offers food ingredient products such as functional fillings and sauces, co-extrusion of dough, batters and binders, vegetable based casings, filled meatballs, and meat substitutes.


Ruitenberg Ingredients was founded in 1938 by Willem Ruitenberg in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Willem Ruitenberg was initially successful in buying and selling potato starch, and would later expand the business to include the trading of pectin and liquorice root extract.

In 1967, the oldest son of Willem Ruitenberg, Kees Cornelis Jr, took over the company. Kees Cornelius Jr grew the company for several years, and In 1973 he funded the construction of Ruitenberg Ingredients first official laboratory and dedicated production facility. These new laboratories and production facilities allow Ruitenberg Ingredients to expand their business into manufacturing and selling liquid smoke, liquorice, and liquorice extract. Management of the company would be taken over by an external director after Kees Cornelius Jr retired in 1997.

The company kept growing, and in 2003 expanded to its new location in Twello, Netherlands. Twello is where the head office of the Ruitenberg Ingredients subsidiary is located, as well as two production factories, and four technology centres which are owned and operated by Ruitenberg Ingredients.



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