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Rudova Natalia

Rudova Natalia

Russian theater and film actress.


Natalia Rudova is a famous Russian actress, TV presenter and popular instabloger. A girl from a provincial town has always dreamed of an artistic career and in a short time won critical acclaim and the love of the audience, becoming one of the most beautiful artists of the series.

Childhood and youth

Natalia Rudova was born on July 2, 1983 in the Uzbek city of Pakhtakor, where her mother arrived with her eldest daughter Oksana on the eve of childbirth. Natalia's maternal grandmother lived there, a native of Leningrad, who was evacuated to this city during the war, and so took root in a new place. Natasha's mother, Valentina Rudova, worked in a construction company as a design engineer. Papa Alexander Rudov had his own business. After the baby grew up a little, and the mother recovered from childbirth, they returned to Kazakhstan, where they lived in the seaside town of Aktau.

As a child, Natasha was very active, fantasized a lot, came up with different stories. Her interests were very versatile and manifested themselves in drawing, dancing, staging children's plays and even cross-stitch.

The girl was very nimble and agile, only a miracle could make her sit still. She loved to run, climb trees and ride on swings. Once such skating almost turned into a tragedy. Natasha literally flew off the swing and received a strong blow to the head. The doctors diagnosed a severe concussion, the girl took a whole course of treatment, numerous ivs and injections. Her temperature reached 42 degrees, she did not lose any medications, and doctors were very afraid for her life.

Rudova's parents divorced when she was twelve years old. This period was not easy for her, but over time the girl came to terms with the decision of her relatives, and forgave them. Mom took her two daughters and settled with them in the Russian city of Ivanovo. Natalia did not see her father for a long time, but over time their relationship improved and became truly related. The father helped his ex-wife raise their daughters as much as he could, provided financial support.

Natalia joined the new team without any problems. She was particularly interested in the school drama club, and soon she was already appearing on stage in the cast of performances. Until that time, she wanted to become a teacher, then a commodity expert or at least a salesman, but the scene tightened the young actress more and more, and soon she could no longer imagine her future without the world of art.

Acting career

In 2003, after school, the girl went to Moscow, where her older sister had already settled. But she didn't want to sit on Oksana's neck. Natalia spent the first days looking for a rented room and a job, got a job as a consultant in a sports store and started going to all kinds of castings. Excellent external data allowed the girl to get into the environment of fashion models. The girl's pictures were featured in several glossy magazines, later she starred in social advertising with Nikolai Fomenko.

One day, luck turned to her face. The girl was given a small role in the TV series "Prima Donna" directed by Olga Sidorova. The start of a career was given. Natalia began a stormy romance with cinema, the beginning of which was marked by episodic roles in the TV series "Who is the boss in the house?", "In the world of criminal passions", "Memories of Stalin" and "The Conductor".

In 2006, the girl received one of the main roles in the TV series "Tatiana's Day", which instantly glorified her and other actors of the project - Anna Snatkina and Kirill Safonov. The series covered three of the most common topics: the struggle of blondes and brunettes, rich and poor, provincials and Muscovites. Natalia Rudova, who also once conquered Moscow, played a rich metropolitan girl Tatiana Barinova. The actress coped with the role brilliantly.

In 2010, Natalia was talked about again after the role of a part-time girl in the 20-episode melodrama "Breathe with Me". Her heroine Karina, a self-confident beauty, took the mathematician Igor away from the family, and his wife Lana (Natalia Antonova) is forced to learn to "live anew". The traitor wants to marry Karina, but her heart belongs to the handsome Peter (Anton Makarsky), who, in turn, falls in love with Lana – the circle has closed. The series received high ratings from the audience, and in 2012 a sequel was released, also warmly received.

You could also see Natalia Rudova in the sensational comedy series "Univer. The new dorm", where she appeared as the head of the department Ksenia Andreevna, a strict and demanding workaholic.

Personal life

Natalia Rudova has never been married yet, she also has no children. The beauty prefers not to spread about her personal life. Therefore, fans have to collect bits and pieces of information about her novels, sometimes based on rumors or someone's speculation.

For example, Rudova was suspected of having an affair with Kirill Safonov, with whom she starred in Tatiana's Day. As it was believed that she had a relationship with another partner on the site— Dmitry Koldun after the show "Two Stars". Allegedly, the feelings between them broke out just at the project, and the artists met until 2010.

In 2016, Natalia Durova was released with musician Artem Pindyura from the M BAND. The stars appeared at the premiere of a foreign fantasy, photos from the event flew around the Network, appeared in the singer's account. The man showered his companion with compliments, but they did not officially announce the novel.

Rudova was credited with an affair with the son of billionaire Sergei Sarkisov in 2018. The youngest heir of the head of the RESO-Garantia company, Sergey, was 19 at that time, Natalia was 35. But love, they say, all ages are submissive. And the couple was vacationing together in Nice, the actress posted pictures from the rest on her Instagram, they looked very happy in the joint photos. And the blonde chose to turn off the comments to the pictures then.

In 2019, Natalia Rudova was accused of being an escort on Andrei Malakhov's show "Live Broadcast". The actress reacted extremely emotionally. She replied to the presenter that she had never done such a thing, moreover, it was from Malakhov himself that she received an offer to set her up with an oligarch. On the side of the blonde stood her friend Anastasia Reshetova, who also admitted that she was engaged by Andrey Malakhov to a VIP acquaintance.

Whether Natalia Rudova is dating someone today, she does not advertise.


She became a participant in the second season of the show "Stars in Africa" on the TNT TV channel.
The "Fashion People Awards" award in the "Actress of the Year" nomination.
The actress received the "TopBeauty Cinema Awards" award in the "Temptation" nomination.
She began to play the role of the head of the department in the TV series "Univer. New dorm" on the TNT TV channel.
Natalia participated in the program "Two stars" with Dmitry Koldun.
Graduated from the Ivanovo Regional College of Culture.
She and her mother Valentina Pavlovna moved to Ivanovo.
July 2, 1983
Rudova Natalia was born in Paxtakor Tumani.
Was born.


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