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Rat Genome Database

Rat Genome Database

A database containing information about links between genetic variation and phenotypes in rats. It was launched in 1999 and is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

The Rat Genome Database provides genetic, genomic, phenotype, and disease data that has been discovered via researchers studying rats in a laboratory setting. It also contains rat data such as molecular functions, biological processes, and cellular components for genes.


The access the database, users must create a username and password on the website. They then have access to the datasets for the Rat Genome Database, which are made up of quantitative trait loci and indicate to researchers which genes could be associated with disease. Users can enter a topic into the search bar in order to find information or conduct specific searches on topics such as species, strains, ontologies, and diseases. The database also has an analyze and visualization function as well as a pathways function. There is also a community portion of the website where users can discuss research and insights in a forum and view a directory of rat laboratories. Conferences are also listed on the website and users can view video tutorials on how to use the database


Further Resources


Rat Genome Database (RGD): mapping disease onto the genome

Simon Twigger et al.


January 1, 2002

The Rat Genome Database 2015: genomic, phenotypic and environmental variations and disease

Mary Shimoyama et al.


January 28, 2015


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