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Radwin is a telecommunications company that develops and manufactures hardware for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless broadband and wireless mobility applications.


Radwin offers wireless broadband connectivity solutions designed for fixed wireless access from rural to urban areas and a variety of industry applications. Radwin's solutions encompass enterprise and residential broadband access, backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission, as well as providing broadband for trains and metros. Specifically, Radwin provides broadband connectivity solutions for the following:

  • Connected rail (onboard Wi-Fi, real time CCTV, signaling/CBTC, wireless inter-carriage link, data offload at stations/depots)
  • Smart cities
  • Power utilities
  • Electric coop broadband
  • Digital oil fields
  • Mining
  • Sea port automation
  • Intelligent forestry

As of April 2021, Radwin's solutions have been deployed in over 170 countries.


Radwin’s product range comprises PtMP (point-to-multipoint communication), mesh, PtP (point-to-point), mobility, and networking products, as well as OSS (operational support system) tools and beamforming technology.

PtMP products and their applications

JET Series
MultiSector Series
RADWIN Outland

Backhaul for WiFi access points

Backhaul for WiFi access points

Small rural villages

Video surveillance


WiFi connectivity

in rural communities

Fiber-like access for enterprise SLA (service-level agreement)

Fiber-like access for enterprise SLA (service-level agreement)

Long-range rural connectivity

Residential access in low

density areas

Broadband Internet

for rural schools

Residential broadband for

triple play services

Residential broadband for

triple play services

Isolated or shadowed residential areas

SLA connectivity

in rural areas

Rural broadband internet

to homes

Broadband & narrowband

smart city applications

Industrial parks on the city outskirts


broadband for utilities

Video surveillance connectivity for smart cities

Mesh products
TerraWIN 60GHz

Radwin TerraWin is a self-organizing, multi-node wireless mesh solution that delivers 5G speeds to homes and businesses. TerraWin's applications include:

  • Multi-dwelling building connectivity
  • Last mile access
  • Enterprise connectivity
  • Public Wi-Fi backhaul
  • Video surveillance and traffic control
PTP products
Radwin 2000 Point-to-Point

Radwin 2000 series offers broadband connectivity between 25Mbps to 750Mbps in a wide range of sub 6GHz unlicensed and licensed bands, while supporting distances of up to 75 miles. Radwin 2000's applications include:

  • Small cell & macro cell backhaul
  • PtMP backhaul
  • Video surveillance backhaul
  • Enterprise access connectivity
Radwin 2000 Alpha

Delivering up to 500Mbps in the 3GHz and 5GHz band, Radwin 2000 Alpha Series is part of the Radwin 2000 PtP portfolio of carrier grade solutions. Radwin 2000 Alpha's applications include:

  • Wireless enterprise access
  • Video surveillance backhaul
  • Wi-Fi backhaul
  • Enterprise access connectivity
Mobility products

FiberinMotion is a wireless broadband solution for trains, vehicles, and vessels in motion, offering train-to-ground connectivity along the entire route.


TerraBridge is a wireless inter-carriage link and data offload solution that provides continuous high-speed connectivity between train carriages, enabling gigabit networks across any train and the offloading of onboard recorded information upon arrival to the station or depot.

IDU-S Layer 2 indoor switch

Radwin IDU-S supports high traffic and power feeding capabilities, while enabling connectivity of multiple radios and other add-on devices, such as CCTV cameras.


Smart-Node is an outdoor, multi-power, communications managed solution. Smart-Node enables power and connectivity for various devices, including CCTV cameras, wireless broadband radios, Wi-Fi access points, and IoT sensors. Smart-Node's applications include:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Broadband Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Smart-City Application
OSS tools

Radwin R-Planner is a network radio roll-out planning tool designed to provide optimal coverage and capacity while minimizing capital and operational expenses. R-Planner can be integrated with Radwin’s PtP and PtMP products.


WINDeploy is a cloud-based deployment management tool for the management and monitoring of mass deployment projects. It enables importing installation tasks, dispatching work orders to installation teams, and monitoring the deployment quality, efficiency and real-time progress of network roll-out.


WINTouch is a subscriber unit installation app that automates subscriber unit configuration, antenna alignment, and service quality verification. WINTouch can be integrated with WINDeploy to streamline the installation process.


WINManage is a network management system for managing and monitoring online network devices, interfaces, and services. WINManage provides customizable dashboards and reports that the user can use to perform network configuration, service provisioning, fault management, performance monitoring, and user security management tasks.

Beamforming technology

Radwin Bi-Beam powers Radwin JET solutions to provide greater capacity for range extension and radio interference immunity. Radwin Bi-Beam utilizes frequency re-use and an advanced modulation scheme to gain more capacity from the available spectrum.


Radwin offers wireless communication solutions to aid with radio planning, network design, project development and execution, and third-party integration.

Radwin supports its clients through all pre-sale stages, including technical planning and network design, as well as proposal reviews, installation inspections, training and certifications, field support, and ground trials. Radwin provides further support to projects into the execution phase. The company also augments solution capabilities through partnerships with third-party manufacturers.

Use cases
California Internet

California Internet is an internet service provider in Southern California, US that availed of Radwin's services in order to establish last mile bandwidth connectivity for enterprise customers. Radwin 5000 Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) and Radwin 2000 Point-to-Point (PtP) solutions were deployed in dense urban areas in the greater Los Angeles area as well as Orange County and Ventura counties.

Radwin helped California Internet overcome problems such as interference issues, high noise floors, and overused RF spectrum. The total number of Radwin units deployed amounted to thirty two Radwin 5000 base stations and thirty Radwin 2000 C-series Point-to-Point systems. The typical operational range of these systems is eighteen miles.


Blusky is a wireless ISP in Umbria, Italy, that utilizes JET to deliver 100 Mbps fiber-like quality broadband to enterprise and residential customers. Radwin helped Blusky by employing JET PtMP beamforming solutions to bypass heavy interference in the 5 GHz band caused by congestion of wireless traffic. BLUSKY uses JET to connect customers in Assisi, Bastia Umbra, Cannara, and Trasimeno Lake at ranges of up to five miles.

Alaska Communications

Alaska Communications is a service provider headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, serving residential and business customers. Alaska Communications operates an advanced statewide network using a variety of technologies, including fiber, microwave, satellite, 3G CDMA, as well as an undersea fiber optic system connecting Alaska to the contiguous US.

To extend its network and reach remote and rural areas, Alaska Communications selected fixed wireless broadband as the most suitable technology alternative. After deploying Radwin Jet, Alaska Wireless was able to deliver speeds over 10Mbps, fulfilling the requirement set by Connect America Fund (CAF).

As of March 2020, Alaska Communications has installed approximately thirty towers of up to 150 feet in height and approximately 200 base stations (three or more JET base stations per each tower). Alaska Communications’ plan is to establish hundreds of towers and serve tens of thousands of subscribers in rural areas not served by conventional facilities.

Radwin's position in the market

In 2018, the global Wireless Broadband market size was USD$440 million and it is expected to reach $USD1400 million by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 15.7% during 2019-2025. Cambium Networks dominated the market in 2016, having accounted for 58.88% of the wireless broadband sales market share. Intracom Telecom and Radwin are considered key players and accounted for 10.93% and 8.25%, respectively, of the overall Wireless Broadband market share in 2016.


May 17, 2021
Virgin Hyperloop and Radwin enter a joint collaboration to implement advanced wireless communication products for high-speed pods.
May 17, 2021
Radwin introduces 1.5Gbps MultiSector base stations for low-TCO deployments
March 18, 2020
Radwin and MBSI WAV, a Canadian premier distributor of wireless and networking technologies, announce a partnership agreement to provide wireless broadband solutions across Canada.
June 13, 2019
Radwin announces that Luminet, a major service provider in London, has deployed Radwin's wireless JET Beam-forming Point-to-Multipoint solutions in 5GHz to drive high-speed wireless broadband to hundreds of businesses in London.
June 4, 2019
Panasonic Business will supply Radwin's FiberinMotion train-to-ground wireless broadband communications solution for the Merseyrail network in Liverpool, UK.

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