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Quantum Artificial Life

Quantum Artificial Life

A biomimetic model that reproduces characteristic processes of Darwinian evolution in the language of quantum algorithms and quantum computing.

A biomimetic system that expresses behaviors existing in living systems (i.e. self-replication, death, interaction between individuals and mutation). Phenotypes and genotypes are constructed from qubits and the replication mechanism is based on quantum cloning events.

In certain configurations of quantum artificial life, quantum entanglement can be spread through generations. In 2017, researchers at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of the Basque Country, demonstrated a quantum artificial life on a IBM ibmqx4 quantum computer.


Further Resources


Quantum Artificial Life in an IBM Quantum Computer

U. Alvarez-Rodriguez,, ∗ M. Sanz, L. Lamata, and E. Solano

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Quantum Simulation Could Shed Light on the Origins of Life

MIT Technology Review

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