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Qbic Fund

Qbic Fund

Qbic Fund is an inter-university venture capital fund focused on seed and early-stage, sector agnostic investments.

Qbic Fund is an inter-university venture capital fund. They invest at seed and early-stages and are sector agnostic. Their investment strategy is to invest in young innovation companies with a technology link to Qbic Fund's partner universities and research institutions.

Their partner institutions include Ghent University, Universiteit Antwerpen, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, VUB, Vito, UZ Gent, UZ Antwerpen, UZ Brussel, AZ Maria Middelares, ZOL Genk, OLVZ Aalst, Clinique Saint-Luc, Lmec, Liege Universite and UHasselt.


Qbic Fund raised their Qbic I in 2012 with €40.7 million and invested in 18 companies. These investments include AgroSavfe, Multiplicom, Track4c, CoScale, PharmaFluidics, Biogazelle, Sentiance, Confo Therapeutics and Mind4Energy.

Qbic Fund raised their second fund, Qbic II in December and raised €58.9 million. These investments include Aphea.Bio, Blue Foot Membranes, Laminaria, Sentea, Aloxy, Aquatic Science, iFLUX, and EyeD Pharma.


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