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Pugachev oak

Pugachev oak

The Pugachev oak is a large tree, one of the main attractions of the Mari Chodra National Park. In 1969, the oak was declared a valuable forest object of historical significance, and in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Pugachev uprising in 1974, a memorial stone was erected at this place. In April 2013, the tree was given the official

The Pugachev oak, growing on the territory of the Mari Chodra National Park in Mari El, is officially recognized as a monument of wildlife.

The diameter of the oak is 159 centimeters, its height is 26 meters. Experts have also determined the age of the oak - 413 year.

According to legend, a detachment of Yemelyan Pugachev, the leader of the peasant uprising, stopped for the night near the oak tree after the defeat near Kazan in 1774. Pugachev allegedly climbed to the crown of a tree, from where he watched Kazan burning.


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