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Powerspike is a twitch Livestreaming influencer marketing company founded in 2015 by Michael Paris.

Powerspike is a New York based company which uses Artificial Intelligence to help game developers and sponsors to find popular live streamers for collaboration. The company helps brands find targeted streamers to market their product or games. Powerspike is geared towards brands, however, it provides service for both brands and live streaming community. The company is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Sponsors Platform

As of January 2019, Powerspike operates collaboration service with Twitch streamers only. Twitch is the leading live streaming platform in the United States. Powerspike had a database of 15405 streamers with a combined 35 million followers on its site as of February 2019.

The site allows sponsors, brands, and game companies to post campaigns or filter and find streamers that can drive positive exposure to their brand or product. Sponsors can communicate, manage, and hire multiple streaming partners on the same platform. Powerspike platform can directly contact streamers on Twitch if they are not listed on the site for collaboration. The site lets sponsors track their spending, conversion, clicks, and views generated from their campaigns. A/B tests can also be performed to test campaign performance.

Streamers Platform

Powerspike charges 15% commission on sponsorships for Streamers. Gamers and live streamers with more than 1000 Twitch followers can register to find sponsors. Streamers find campaigns and send proposals to campaign creators to discuss partnerships. After the collaboration starts, streamers perform campaign specific task like mention brand name or post link on their description. The streamers can mark when the task is performed for sponsors to review. The site guarantees payment for completed tasks through Paypal.

The ‘power_spikebot’ twitch bot created by Powerspike analyzes user metrics on the Twitch platform. The site uses the metrics to provide growth analytics like followings and views over time as a visual graph. Sponsors can view this data to analyze the possible exposure of their brand and to consider partnerships.


Angelo Damiano started Powerspike on Jun 1, 2015. The company launched its first open beta in January of 2017. The company used ‘’ domain name before moving to



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