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OmniFlix is a p2p network for creators & communities to mint, manage, distribute and monetize media assets, NFTs while collaborating with their communities/DAOs, other creators, curators, collectors & contributors. Decentralized media and network layer for Creators & Sovereign Communities powered by NFTs and related distribution protocols.

Why OmniFlix?

Omniscient Interchain Assets

Mint, manage & distribute media assets, across multiple chains powered by NFTs, with extensible rights for fractionalization of ownership and increased distribution

Sovereign Communities

Run fully decentralized public & private sovereign communities backed by on-chain governance, incentives, asset pools, memberships, social tokens (community/creator/fan tokens) and more.

Collaborative Content Pools

Launch and participate in decentralized inter-chain collaborative media asset pools backed by NFTs and power content within dApps/contracts for transparent collaboration, effective distribution and higher monetization.

Interchain Markets

IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication) based marketplace protocols to help creators and communities participate across multiple blockchain networks/chains to exchange (and/or) distribute assets.


February 12, 2022
OmniFlix Network -- Community Update #35 - OmniFlix Network

Hey Flix Fam, last two weeks were rather quiet but not with our own share of exciting engineering and community activities. Covering all the updates in the last 15 days, let’s dive right into Community Update #35.

Genesis Validaators — an update

We have officially sent the confirmations to validators that have applied to be genesis validators.

Out of a total of 50 confirmations, we have had 64% run nodes on FlixNet-1 while 59% ran nodes on FlixNet-2. All validators are running nodes on FlixNet-3.

The rest 36% are folks from the ecosystem that helped in either of the testnets, that interacted with the core team even when the testnet was not running and helped the core team with advisory, infrastructure and in community activities across networks like Cosmos, Juno, Osmosis and more.

We thank the entire OmniFlix validator community from FlixNet-1 to FlixNet-3 and your contribution to:

test the limits of Tendermint (in FlixNet-1 with 936 genesis validators out of which 771 sustained and peaked at producing blocks with the raw Tendermint consensus framework)

deploy the first ever NFTs on the OmniFlix (on FlixNet-2 with over 400 NFTs minted across 250+ collections)

power all the transactions of the oNFT and the marketplace modules

Stats on FlixNet-3, till date

get a sense of the action on FlixNet-3!

Below are stats from a minting/creation standpoint:

A total of 8837 collections were created into which over 27k NFTs were minted.

The total traded volume surpassed 225k FLIX and IBC tokens whose volume of 85k SPAY & 4.1k JUNO summed up to 33% of the network.

We primarily believe these are from the OmniFlix Studio interface but they could have also been created from the CLI too.

NOTE: The core team hasn’t tested minting NFTs in bulk using this network. The tests were done on devnets.

Some collections had individual assets i.e. 1/1s of videos/photographs/audio tracks or PFP-style 300+ NFT collections. Browse all the collections on the OmniFlix Market.

Below are stats from a marketplace standpoint:

At this point in time 10k+ listings are active and had over 15k+ NFTs that have been purchased on the market at least once.

Check them all on the OmniFlix Market.

We’ve had updates to the mobile app where the mobile native NFT marketplace provides a seamless interface to access price information, collection details, owner details and all at one place!

A preview of the mobile app for the OmniFlix Market


We have had a good number of creators and projects that we are working with each of them to help them explore the apps & the core protocol.

If you are a creator or a collector looking to launch on the OmniFlix Network, fill the form & we’ll get in touch —

If you’re a developer, you can write to us on GitHub (issues), Discord/Telegram or drop us a line on our website.


Design for the page to help users check eligibility is being worked on.

Development setup is already done and are waiting for a few more details to be confirmed.

Backend database is being setup to accommodate values from across networks.

Additional details will be released after details of token economics are being released.

Key Highlights

ecosystem news and updates from last week

1) Engineering

We have been working on the updates to the core protocol and the applications.

A preview of the single page dApp, OmniFlix inSync v2

OmniFlix has had protocol level updates worked on in Jan-Feb which are being incorporated into the codebase right now.

There will be a testnet for validators, applications, creators and partners to test their validators/relayers/apps/collections.

Join the OmniFlix Discord Server —

2) Design & Media

The product design team in the past 10 days have worked on the finer details of OmniFlix inSync, OmniFlix Market & more.

The design & the application engineering teams worked in sync to collaborate on the updates to the experience aligning with the protocol layer.

Current research was focused on the FeeGrant module within Cosmos and the experience around it. Was available in FlixNet-3, but wasn’t used in the application layer on the testnet.

From a media standpoint, activities in prep. for the launch are underway.

The Flix Drop eligibility checker page is being worked on for a release and more details of the same will be released before the mainnet launch.

3) Community

3a) Governance

for networks that are secured by the OmniFlix Validator

Our governance participation and votes that we casted are being shared here. For more insight, please let us know your queries on Twitter, Telegram or Discord.

We’ve voted in a way that drives network growth and that are important governance decisions in the path to complete decentralization.


Yes for Proposal 14


Yes on Proposal 9

Abstain on Proposals 8 & 10


Yes on 135, 136, 142 & 143, 145, 146

Abstain on 132 & 133, 144

No on 134

Did not vote on Proposals 130, 131, 137 to 141

Lack of this voting participation was due to missing out on checking proposals in time and while some were in pending, the voting period for others was completed. We’ll make sure to have high governance participation going forward.

3b) Flix Fam, Flix Fanatics & more!

details of activities within the OmniFlix ecosystem

We have an NFT project announce their minting on the OmniFlix Hub.

The first announcement of minting on the OmniFlix Hub is now out! Many more coming soon.

Our last spaces session was spectacular with a range of participants from the community that participated and engaged in the live-audio format.

Who wants to see Music NFTs on OmniFlix?

Do multi-chain Music NFT projects excite you the most?

Focus for the current week

All geared up to cover activities from engineering, design & community!

Blockchain (mainnet) — The focus is primarily to work on the planning and execution of all that’s required for the launch of the mainnet.

Applications — We’ll be using feegrant module to initially onboard folks and get them to interact with the protocol even without FLIX.

Design — We’re planning and execution of the products on the mainnet. A lot of product design activities are planned around the suite and aim to focus on the same in this coming week.

Media — Overview videos of products and protocol are being produced this week while the other collateral is being planned for in prep. of the launch of the mainnet.

Partnerships — If you’re a creator or a collector that’s looking to utilize the OmniFlix Network to engage your own communities, fill the form below and let us reach out. We’ve started the outreach process and if you’ve already filled, you should soon hear from us.

URL to the Creator & Collector Registration Form for early collaboration —

This week, the OmniFlix ecosystem was on

We have also been working towards an update to the OmniFlix inSync dApp. A sneak peek below


Further reading


Documentaries, videos and podcasts


Omniflix official youtube channel



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