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Oliver Jung

Oliver Jung

Oliver Jung is a German entrepreneur, consultant, and angel investor.

Oliver Jung is an active angel investor as well as the founder of multiple companies. He is a founder and managing partner at Lao Holdings. He also serves as a managing partner at JungMiropolski, general manager at Awari Capital Gmbh, and as an investment manager at Adinvest.

Oliver Jung was born in Heidelber, Germany on July 5, 1972, though he grew up in Hockenheim. He studied computer science at the University of Karlsruhe beginning in 1992. Following his time at the University, he started his tech company Entory AG in 1997, which he sold in 2001. Oliver invested in many companies in the early 2000s, including Xing, StudiVZ, Canadian Beyondtherack, Russian KupiVIP, Brazilian Brandsclub, and Markafoni.

In addition to investing, Oliver Jung has founded multiple companies. He founded the Swiss company AdinvestII, part of the Adinvest AG in 2006. In 2007, he founded the consulting company Springstar. And in 2008, he founded the real estate investment company Awari Capital GmbH, where he still serves as General Manager.

His company Springstar was dissolved in 2012, following Springstar's partnership with Airbnb in 2011. Mr. Jung worked full time with Airbnb from 2011-2013, leading their global rollout and serving as the VP International. From there, he continued to work with companies on international expansion. He took a lead role with the company Houzz in 2013 and HotelTonight in 2014. He worked with a number other companies at this time either in consultation or investment including Artistic Claims, Flightcar, Homejoy, iCracked, and SpoonRocket.

Oliver Jungs investments include Adyen, airbnb, airtable, Baraka, Brex, Chime, Deel, Fast, Clair, Attentive, Jeeves, Nubank, Refyne, Revolut, Rippling, Robinhood, Zepto and more.


July 5, 1972
Oliver Jung was born in Heidelberg.

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