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Olga Baclanova

Olga Baclanova



Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1925).

She was born on August 19, 1896 in Moscow.

Her mother, a famous theatrical actress, encouraged her daughter's interest in the acting profession in every possible way. The girl received a classical education and at sixteen, successfully passed the competition in the Moscow Art Theater. In 1917 she made her debut at the theater. Subsequently, was involved in several productions: played Laura, who left the theater Gzovskaya, in "The Stone Guest" by Pushkin, Sasha in Chekhovskom "Ivanov, Olivia in Shakespeare′s "Twelfth Night, Bertha in the setting of" Cricket by the hearth "by Dickens.

From 16 years until 1925, played on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater and in the movies.

Like many actors of the time, Baklanova understood that her career depends directly on her loyalty to the new regime, in 1918, the actress starred in propaganda and propaganda film "Bread". Before that, Baklanova had little film experience, mostly starring in Victor Turzhansky's silent short films with eloquent titles: "The Grave Wanderer" (1915), "Vampire Woman" (1915), "The Loop of Death" (1915).

After a tour of the theater in America did not return home. Played in the theater and starred in Hollywood. The most famous and even scandalous (banned for screening in several states) was the film Freaks (1932).

She passed away on September 6, 1974, in Vevey, Switzerland.


Moscow Art Theater (1917-1919):

"The Stone Guest" based on Pushkin's tragedy. Role of Laura.

"Ivanov" based on Chekhov's play. The Role of Sasha.

"Freeloader" based on the play by Turgenev. The role of Olga Petrovna.

"Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare's play. The Role of Olivia.

"The Cricket by the Hearth" by Dickens. The Role of Bertha.

"The Flood," based on Berger's play. Role of Lizzie / Sadie.

Music Studio (1920-1926):

1920 - "Madame Ango's Daughter" based on an operetta by Charles Lecoq. Role of Lange.

1922 - "Pericola" based on the operetta by Jacques Offenbach. The role of Pericola.

1923 - "Lysistrata" based on the comedy by Aristophanes. The role of Lysistrata.

1924 "Carmencita and the Soldier" by Lipskerov to the music of Bizet. The role of Carmencita.

1925 - Trilogy "Love and Death", in two parts of which - "Bakhchisarai fountain" by Pushkin and "Aleko" by Rachmaninov - the actress played respectively the role of Zarema and Zemfira.

1925-1926 years on tour in the U.S., the actress played in "Lysistrata", "Karmensita and the soldier" and "Love and Death.

Works after her emigration to the United States (1926-1947):

1926 - The Miracle. The Role of the Nanny.

1931 - "Silent Witness. Role unknown.

1932 - "The Grand Hotel. The role of Grushinskaya.

"Twentieth Century" (Twentieth Century). The role of Lily Garland.

"The Cat and the Fiddle. The Role of Shirley.

1933 - Twenty-five Dollars an Hour on Broadway ($25 an Hour). The role of Germaine Granville.

"Murder at the Vanities on Broadway. Role of Sonia.

1934 - "Mahogony Hall" (Mahogony Hall). The role of Madame Paris.

1936 - Going Places. The Role of Dagmar Petrova.

Idiot's Delight. The Role of Irena.

1941-1943 Claudia on Broadway. Role of Madame Darushka.

1945-1947 Touring the country

1947 Louisiana Lady. Role of Madame Corday.


August 31, 1896
Olga Baclanova was born in Russian Federation.


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