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OSK is a DeFi project on the TRON public chain, aiming to create a decentralized film and television financial ecosystem.


The name Pangu Shequ is rich in meaning, borrowed from the legend of Pan Gu, a mythological figure in Chinese culture, who is responsible for the birth of the universe, and the Chinese translation of the English word community. The name connotes an organization that is a melding of citizens and leaders, one that is far-reaching in its presence and influence; and which emerged through careful thought, wisdom, and purpose.

The Pangu Community was officially founded on October 22, 2020, in China as a grassroots movement and community that identified the importance of focusing and supporting the consumer and working-class members of society. Its goal is to create a safe space for members to begin to learn about, understand, adopt and transact in the emerging, exciting and lifechanging technology space known as Digital Currencies and Defi or decentralized finance. More than anything, it is to be a safe space where members are elevated through education of this new and emerging world of digital currencies and decentralized finance, a community based on self-empowerment and personal growth of its members.

From a total of six original people, a group of millennial cryptocurrency and Defi enthusiasts and friends, the community has quickly grown through education and consensus to over 100,000 members in China. This is the foundation from which the vision of the Pangu Community DeFi and NFT Project was born.


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September 7, 2020


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