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Nikolay Savchuk

Nikolay Savchuk

Founder of Torrey Pines Investment & Teal Ventures

Nikolay Savchuk is a Russian born investor and founder of Torrey Pines Investment and co-founder of Teal Ventures.

Savchuk founded Torrey Pines Investment in 2002; Torey Pines invests in life-science companies, such as pharmaceutical incubators, biotech, oncology, etc.

Savchuk co-founded Teal Ventures in 2018. Teal Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm located in San Diego and primarily invests in innovative medical technology, such as Axon Therapy by Neuralace Medical.

Savchuk additionally participated on the boards of multiple companies in San Diego and Russia.

The companies are as follows:

  • NewVac (Chairman)
  • Viriom (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • ChemDiv, Inc (Chairman of ChemDiv Research Institute)
  • ChemRar HTC (Board Member)
  • SatRx (Chairman of the Board)
  • Avelas Biosciences (Director of the Board)

Savchuk attended two universities in Russia, receiving his bachelor's degree at 45th Physics and Math School at Leningrad State University. He then acquired a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and physics from Moscow Institue of Physics and Technology.



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