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Create the social-oriented Metaverse together!

It is like a real-life economic system, allowing players to have many options to increase their income including doing a job in the career system, performing daily tasks, participating in events and social activities. If players own land, they can also build a company, open a shop or lease land to other players.

Through owning DAO tokens, players can participate in governance, contribute to the transparency of the in-game economy and to the ecosystem, vote on deciding features, eliminate human errors, and disallow any manipulation to occur.

The mission of NextVerse is to build a virtual space universe where players, also co-creators of the game, can freely explore and conquer a new world, invest profitably through a sustainable and healthy economy which limits inflation and devaluation.

Nver Token DAO:

Players receive multi-function management DAO tokens through staking NOXY tokens into the system. This type of tokens is used to participate in decisions about in-game features or to hold important in-game positions, and to allow players to distribute, buy and sell land through the holding rate.

Noxy in-game currency:

It is tokens which players receive through Play2Earn activities and use for in-game features such as upgrading items, buying and selling goods, using services, participating in social activities, playing several lucky games, etc.


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Let's create the social-oriented Metaverse together!


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September 16, 2021


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