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New South Wales

New South Wales

State of Australia

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Stephanie Chalmers
July 26, 2021
Wherever you live in Australia, you could be affected by a shutdown of Western Sydney. The south-west suburbs at the centre of Sydney's COVID-19 crisis are also major hubs of retail distribution, transport and logistics.
Gary-Jon Lysaght
July 25, 2021
While only a handful of jobs will go when a rail maintenance depot at Nyngan in western New South Wales closes, experts say any job losses in regional communities have big impacts.
July 25, 2021
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Kensington (Australia), July 25:(The Conversation) The Greater Sydney lockdown began on June 26 and almost a month later, New South Wales is recording
Michael Le Page, Clare Wilson, Jessica Hamzelou, Sam Wong, Graham Lawton, Adam Vaughan, Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool
July 21, 2021
New Scientist
The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic
Jake Lapham
July 20, 2021
The NSW government's long-awaited Future of Gas Statement reveals large swathes of the state will be off limits, but an environment group is not satisfied.
Daniel Keane
July 20, 2021
As South Australia prepares to plunge into its biggest lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are in limbo about what support they will receive to tide them over -- but the SA Premier says he has already approached the Prime Minister.
July 19, 2021
Coronavirus LIVE Updates: The number of people who have recuperated from the disease surged to 3,03,08,456 and the case fatality rate stands at 1.33 percent, the data stated.
Tom Fedorowytsch and Eugene Boisvert
July 17, 2021
South Australia bars almost all Victorian residents from entering the state - and plans to prevent South Australians from returning without specific exemptions from next week.
Ashlee Aldridge, Tyrone Dalton, and Mikaela Ortolan
July 16, 2021
Victorian border communities are expressing their frustration amid another statewide lockdown, while just across the Murray River life is a little less restricted.
Science X staff
July 15, 2021
Lorikeets in northern New South Wales and southern Queensland are becoming paralyzed, often resulting in death. Scientists are beginning to discover why--but need your help.
David Chen
July 13, 2021
Queensland residents, scarred by last year's hard border, are watching anxiously to see whether another closure is imminent.
Charmayne Allison, Tyrone Dalton, Sarah Lawrence, and Fiona Parker
July 12, 2021
Business owners have lashed out at state governments over border closures, saying they're again being impacted by COVID cases hundreds of kilometres away.
ABC News
July 12, 2021
South Australia's management of the pandemic has been nation-leading when it comes to employment, while Queensland has taken a hit because of the impact on tourism, according to new economic analysis.
Leah White, Luisa Rubbo, and Rory McDonald
July 7, 2021
Gladys Berejiklian praises regional communities for upholding COVID restrictions, but many financially strapped small businesses are angry that the state's lockdown has been extended for another week.
July 5, 2021
Australia's New South Wales (NSW) on Monday said the next two days would be "absolutely critical" in deciding whether a two-week anti-coronavirus lockdown in Sydney, set to end on July 9, will have to be extended amid rising Delta variant cases.
Hannah Ross and Bruce MacKenzie
July 6, 2021
Retail staff are bearing the brunt of people's unwillingness to adhere to New South Wales' public health order to wear masks.
July 5, 2021
Australia's New South Wales (NSW) on Monday said the next two days would be "absolutely critical" in deciding whether a two-week anti-coronavirus lockdown in Sydney, set to end on July 9, will have to be extended amid rising Delta variant cases.
Halina Baczkowski
July 1, 2021
On land owned by a mining company, a tree thought to be a pest has turned into an incredible opportunity.
Hugh Hogan
July 1, 2021
Hunting contributes more to the state's economy than the wool industry, so why doesn't it get more attention?
Nicolas Perpitch
June 29, 2021
From Broome, to Busselton, Exmouth and Kalbarri, holidaymakers from Perth are cancelling their bookings, leaving regional WA tourism operators once again bearing the brunt of a COVID-19 lockdown.
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