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Negative is a bracelet made with captured atmospheric carbon on Kickstarter!

Negative is a bracelet made with atmospheric carbon dioxide. Each bracelet is a symbol--and a literal example--of how we can solve the climate crisis.

Sets the Standard for Carbon Products: Each Negative bracelet pays to directly capture enough carbon dioxide to make it carbon-negative.

Carbon on Your Wrist: The carbon contained in each Negative bracelet is provided by Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT). This team of scientists and engineers invented a way to store concentrated CO2 in solid materials. CUT is a finalist in the Carbon XPRIZE, a global competition to transform CO2 into usable products.

Carbon in the Bank: To make Negative live up to its name, we needed to do more than put carbon in the bracelet. To reverse the CO2 emitted during manufacturing and shipping each bracelet, we've turned to Climeworks. This insanely cool company created the world's first commercial-scale carbon removal technology. Their innovative machines can capture CO2 from ambient air and then it's pumped underground and turned into stone. This locks up the carbon for good.

So we want Negative to set a standard for anyone making climate claims about their products. We will pay for direct air capture (DAC) to physically capture and store more CO2 than our product emits. If a little bracelet company can do it, Fortune 500 companies can, too.


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