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Naum Koen

Naum Koen

Naum Koen (Russian: Наум Коен) is an UAE-based Israeli-Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist who is the founder and CEO of NY Koen Group. Koen is the chairman and founder of the Jewish Community Center of UAE.[1][2] He was named Honorary Chairman of Beitar Jerusalem Basketball Club.

Personal life

Naum Koen was born in USSR, his name at birth being Nakhshun Nakhshunov. His family relocated to Ofakim, Israel from the city of Derbent, Russia when he was 13 years old. After a brief service in the IDF, Koen relocated to Ukraine, where his first business venture was a shawarma shop at a university campus. From thereon he became involved in real estate and the luxury import car business. Naum Koen is married to Yevgeniya Koen and they have 4 children: Daniel, Miryam, Sofya and Sara. He resides in Dubai. His wife is the founder and CEO of Jeni Coin, a Jewelry company wholly owned by NY 770 Group holdings, which has boutiques in multiple countries including Ukraine.


Koen Started his career dealing with the diamond-cutting and supply business. In 2006 he has moved to Dubai and set up a multinational holding company NY Koen Group. In December 2020, he brokered the deal between Moshe Hogeg and Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan whereby the Sheikh now owns 50% of the Beitar Jerusalem Football Club.


Koen is the founder and Chairman of the Jewish Community Center of UAE. In May 2019 it was reported that Koen in partnership with Cyrus S. Poonawalla have proposed supplying Ukraine with 100 thousand doses of measles vaccine for free vaccination. Koen is founder and major sponsor of an Israeli Organization Belev Echad.


In January 2018 neighbors complained that Koen was keeping a lion on his property near Kiev, later research has shown that the lion is kept in good conditions with all his needs taken care off.Investigation by Channel 13 News has revealed that a lawsuit was filed in 2013 mentioning Nachshon Nachshonov, according to which he had outstanding debts when he left Israel. Koen's spokesperson said in response that "The allegations raised regarding the diamond deal have already been discussed and rejected by the court".


June 1981
Naum Koen was born in Ukraine.


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