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National Security Engineering Center

National Security Engineering Center

A division of MITRE, the National Security Engineering Center works to provide systems engineering for the United States' national security objectives in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Communities, and across their mission partners.

The National Security Engineering Center is a federally funded research and development center delivering research, engineering, and analytical solutions to the Department of Defense and Intelligence of community. Since 1958, they have contributed innovations to systems such as the Semi-Automated Ground Environment (SAGE), an air-defense system; the Air Force/Army airborne ground surveillance; and Intelink, a secure intranet used by the Intelligence Community.

The center is staffed with professionals in engineering, information technology, and cognitive sciences to address current and future defense challenges. Their work is guided by the goals of:

  • performance improvements
  • reduced system costs
  • accelerated delivery to the field

The National Security Engineering Center is led by Vice President, Joint and Service Portfolio, Greg K. Crawford, Ph.D; Vice President, Air Force Portfolio, Kerry Buckley, Ph.D; and Vice President, Intelligence and Cross-Cutting Capabilities, Eliahu (Eli) H. Niewood, Ph.D.


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