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Myren.Inc is a technology company with a focus on developing traffic safety solutions.


Myren.Inc (Myren) is a South Korea-based technology company that specializes in developing and producing automotive safety and transportation-related products. The company has three main sections: Internet of Things (IoT), Car Entertainment (CE), and Business Solutions (BS). It was founded in 2018 and has an office in Ansan.


The company's main product is a combination of a traffic triangle and emergency rescue call (e-call) app. The traffic triangle is a portable device with IoT technology that can be assembled and placed on top of a vehicle when there has been a traffic accident. It has red lights that flash when activated, and the triangle is connected to the app on the user's smartphone. When the triangle is in use, the app notifies the user's insurance company. The app utilizes the smartphone's GPS capabilities to relay information to the insurance company. The main purposes of Myen's product are to report the accident in an efficient manner and to prevent secondary accidents that may occur because of the confusion that happens from the first traffic accident.

Myren's product has been tested throughout locations in both South Korea and the United States. It is intended to be used by consumers, but the company's model is focused on the business-to-business (B2B) market. Its main clients are insurance companies, rental companies, and car-sharing organizations, which can then distribute the product to their own customers.


Myren is founded.


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