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Emily Pontecorvo
August 4, 2021
Study finds the global population exposed to flooding has increased 24% since 2000.
July 12, 2021
The Economic Times
A deadly insurgency by militants linked to the Islamic State group has ravaged the gas-rich Cabo Delgado province since late 2017, claiming some 3,000 lives and displacing 800,000 people.
June 17, 2021
, , , , • Instant Network Schools launches in Mozambique to provide nearly 9,000 asylum seekers, refugees and local students with access to quality, connected education. , , • One school will serve the Maratane Refugee Settlement, a camp hosting a third of the country's refugees, and another is the biggest secondary public school in Nampula city. , , • The programme will support asylum seekers, refugees and Mozambican students who have been disproportionally affected by COVID-19. An estimated 5...
June 11, 2021
The Economic Times
"There needs to be an appropriate level of military support to pressure this group... to consider surrendering, but also to offer them a pathway out," its main author, Dino Mahtani, told AFP. Mozambique would need to resolve "the set of local factors that have spurred... militants into battle" in order to stem the violence, the report stressed.
Anthony Idowu Ajayi
June 2, 2021
The number of girls who marry before their 15th birthday has remained unchanged for 20 years in most countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The region has the highest rate of child marriage, with nearly four in 10 girls married before age 18. In Niger, for example, over 77% of girls are married before the age of 18.
Jessica Omukuti
May 14, 2021
In 2019, an international climate fund approved a ten year US$9.3 million project to support communities in the drylands of Mozambique that are affected by frequent droughts. This money seems a lot, but it really is not much for a country also affected by other climate-related events such as cyclones. Indeed, the World Bank estimates Mozambique needs at least US$400 million a year to protect itself from climate change. The difference between the amount of money that developing countries, such as Mozambique, need and what they get from developed countries begins to highlight some of the problems related to financing responses to climate change.
Jen Guyton
May 3, 2021
In the wake of wars, natural disasters and insurgencies, Mozambique is experiencing an environmental renaissance. One of the results is a new and stunningly beautiful national park.
Jyoti Mukul
April 28, 2021
ONGC plans to acquire much larger acreage via open acreage licensing policy
April 26, 2021
Total, which aimed to produce its first cargo from the project in 2024, suspended work on March 27 after the militant attack
BBC News
April 26, 2021
BBC News
Total's $20bn (£14.6bn) gas liquification plant is the largest foreign investment in Africa.
Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent
April 15, 2021
the Guardian
Environmental group warns UK's £750m funding for fossil fuel project could worsen Isis-led insurgency
April 14, 2021
The Economic Times
On March 24, Islamic-State linked militants launched a strategic, coordinated assault on Palma that overwhelmed security forces and caused French energy giant Total to abandon a nearby gas project.
Jacob Sotak
April 9, 2021
Business Insider
Dozens of US Green Berets are in Mozambique to help counter a growing insurgency that Russian and South African mercenaries haven't been able to stop.
Will Brown
April 5, 2021
The Telegraph
Town now a safe zone, officials insist, after army staged counter-offensive against Al-Shabaab
April 5, 2021
The Economic Times
Palma was taken in a coordinated attack on March 24, in a major escalation of an insurgency that has been raging in Cabo Delgado province for more than three years.
March 17, 2021
The Economic Times
The U.S. program is modest in size and scope: a dozen Army Green Berets are to train Mozambican marines for the next two months. But it signals the entry of the United States military into a counterinsurgency effort that has been aided so far mainly by South African mercenaries, who have faced accusations of human rights abuses.
Chris Price
March 16, 2021
The Telegraph
Your evening guide: Discussions with Prince Charles and William 'not productive' and how nuclear weapons may defend against cyber threats
February 16, 2021
UNESCO will launch a publication titled, "Mapping research and innovation in the Republic of Mozambique" on 18 February 2021 between 10am and 11:30am on zoom. The publication which is part of the UNESCO Global Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Instruments (GO-SPIN) series on country profiles in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy, will be launched with the outstanding support of the Islamic Development Bank (BIsD) in partnership with UNESCO and Mozambi...
January 19, 2021
Today, announced the eight global awardees of the $10 million Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge. Launched in partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Rockefeller Foundation, the Challenge will tackle society's greatest challenges by harnessing the power of data science to help people and communities thrive. Winning projects from around the world include the use of AI to increase credit access for female entrepreneurs, data models to track how in...
Sasol Limited
December 21, 2020
/PRNewswire/ -- Sasol is pleased to announce that a Sale Securities Purchase Agreement has been signed with Azura Power Limited for the divestment of the...
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