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Science X staff
August 3, 2021
In a finding that will give theorists plenty to ponder, an all-RIKEN team has observed an unexpected response in an exotic material known as a Mott insulator when they injected electrons into it. This observation promises to give physicists new insights into such materials, which are closely related to high-temperature superconductors.
José Tadeu Arantes
July 12, 2021
Pure quantum systems can undergo phase transitions analogous to the classical phase transition between the liquid and gaseous states of water. At the quantum level, however, the particle spins in states that emerge from phase transitions display collective entangled behavior. This unexpected observation offers a new avenue for the production of materials with topological properties that are useful in spintronics applications and quantum computing.
Mara Leighton
November 21, 2019
Business Insider
Denim startup Mott & Bow is having a Black Friday sale with discounts up to 35% off from November 22 to December 2. Here are all the details.
June 3, 2019
Mott MacDonald has announced that Mike Haigh will be its new Group chairman, succeeding Keith Howells who retires after 45 years with the global engineering, management and development consultancy, the last eight as chairman. James Harris will take over from Mike as Group managing director for the $2 billion employee-owned business. They will begin their new roles in July 2019. Mike and James have played central roles in Mott MacDonald's business strategy since taking senior positions in...
April 29, 2019
The 40MW Tille et Venelle wind farm in Burgundy, France, has reached financial close. The wind farm has been acquired by the Renewables Infrastructure Group from Envision, and Mott MacDonald have been the lender's technical advisor on the project. The wind farm will consist of 16 EN131-2.5MW Envision wind turbine generators (WTGs). This will be the first time Envision WTGs have been used in Western Europe, making the project a milestone for the business and for France. Mott MacDonald car...


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