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Molly Wintermute

Molly Wintermute

founder & solo core dev of @HegicOptions

Molly Wintermute is a founder and, in her own words, the only developer of the options trading protocol Hegic.

The first tweet from Molly Wintermute, a pseudonymous DeFi developer and Twitter personality, appeared on January 28, 2020. Molly Wintermute said: “Verifying myself: I am mollywintermute on” The next day a cryptic message saying “1v3 b33n w0rk1ng 0n smthng th4t AI c4ll /Hegic/. AI h0p3 t0 r3v34l my cr34ture 4s4p. #Hegic” was released. Shortly after this peculiar introduction came the launch of Hegic, an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, the focus of Molly Wintermute’s tweets have been related to developments and upgrades to the Hegic platform as well as statistics highlighting daily volume records on the derivatives trading platform.

It is not known for certain who is behind the pseudonym Molly Wintermute. Some people say that it's Andre Cronje, a prolific coder and a creator of Yearn Finance and Keep3rV1 due to their similar manner of speech and shared love for DeFi technologies. The origin of the pseudonym takes us back to William Gibson's famous science fiction book "Neuromancer" and two characters from his book: Molly is a mercenary bodyguard and Wintermute - artificial intelligence.



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20 Feb 2021

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