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Mira (dota 2 player)

Mira (dota 2 player)

Miroslav Kolpakov. Professional DotA2 player. TI 2021 winner.

Miroslav Kolpakov (also known as " Mira "; born November 3, 1999 , Lutsk , Ukraine ) is a Ukrainian Dota 2 esportsman , best known for his performances as part of the Team Spirit team . Champion of The International 10 .

Miroslav was born in the city of Lutsk on November 3, 1999 . Regarding the choice of nickname , Miroslav did not bother - he simply shortened his own name

Miroslav got acquainted with Dota 2 at the age of 12 in a computer club, but started playing actively at the age of 16 . Mira began his professional career in May 2019, and in 2020 he got into the main roster of the Ukrainian team Cascade Esports, with which he won the third level tournaments Epic Origins League Season 1 (2020) and UPEA Ukrainian Championship 2020 (2021)


November 3, 1999
Mira was born.


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