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Mikhail Litvin

Mikhail Litvin

Russian video blogger and streamer. Creator and owner of the YouTube channel "LITVIN". His videos are included in the TOP-10 "most viewed videos in Russia" according to YouTube video hosting in 2020, ranked 6th in the ranking

Mikhail Litvin was born on November 30, 1999 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. At school he was actively involved in sports, attended sports sections, was fond of football. After graduation, the guy moved to Moscow.

On September 20, 2021, Lytvyn proposed to his sweetheart Yulia Bichan, the couple got engaged at the stadium during a football match. For greater effect, Mikhail invited the singer El'man to perform his composition "Antihero".

Mikhail created his channel on YouTube on November 5, 2016, the theme of his videos is pranks of people - pranks.

Not all blogger pranks remain only on his channel, there are cases when they caused a resonance in a wide range of media and even led to administrative arrests. In December 2018, during another prank, police officers stopped the blogger’s car and found a bound and bloodied girl in the trunk. The blogger ran away without explanation, for which he was detained and spent some time in a pre-trial detention center. This prank caused a resonance in the media.

In July 2020, he created the Sakhalinets football club, where he invited the star of the Lokomotiv football club Yuri Drozdov as a coach. The newly created football club on the social networks Instagram and YouTube gained more than a million subscribers and bypassed such well-known clubs as Zenit and Spartak in their number. Among the sports achievements of the club at the Moscow Championship among Amateur Clubs, Division A, Sakhalinets scored 4 points: having drawn in the first round with FC Rosich - 0:0 And in the 2nd round, having won against the Burevestnik team with a score - 7:1.

On October 25, 2020, after a conflict with the managers of Mercedes-Benz, he burned his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S car worth 13 million rubles.

In February 2021, in his Porsche Taycan Turbo S car worth 15.6 million rubles, he rammed the window of the Porsche Center Yasenevo Moscow car showroom, causing a great resonance in the media. According to the blogger, this accident was committed unintentionally.


January 30, 1999
Mikhail Litvin was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


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