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This is a disease manifested by attacks of severe headaches. Often the pain is one-sided, pulsating, intensifies with exercise and can be accompanied by nausea and increased sensitivity to light, sound and odors.

About 25% of migraine patients experience neurological disorders preceding seizures, which are called an aura. Migraine precursors last from a few minutes to an hour. During this period, a person can dispute pt balance, sensitivity, coordination of movements, speech, and vision. Migraine usually begins during puberty and weakens after 50 years.

Migraine prevalence

The prevalence of migraine in the population is about 15%. Migraine affects about twice as many women as men - this is due to hormonal factors. The peak incidence occurs in the third decade of life. Almost 40% of patients experience severe migraine attacks, more than half are moderate and only 10% of patients have migraine in their lungs.

In many patients, migraines are associated with other diseases, such as:

  • depression;
  • alarm;
  • stroke;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • epilepsy;
  • hypertension.

Migraine complications

Migraine complications are quite rare. Possible complications include visual aura for several hours, patient anxiety, migraine status, epileptic seizure, and migraine stroke.

Treatment of migraine

  1. Lifestyle correction, informing the patient about the nature of the disease, behavioral therapy.
  2. Treatment of seizures - aimed at removing a separate migraine attack, can be used in mono Varian if attacks are rare.
  3. Prophylactic treatment - prescribed at the request of the patient or the frequency of attacks and an increase in their severity

How to get rid of migraine pain

Typically, a patient with migraine begins to take simple or combined analgesics or NSAID on their own before going to a neurologist. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to therapeutic doses of drugs, avoid drugs containing caffeine and codeine, due to the high risk of forming an addiction with withdrawal syndrome. Abuse of such drugs can cause chronic daily headache attachment, which will significantly complicate further treatment.



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