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Made of Air

Made of Air

Made of Air is a carbon storage company converting captured carbon into biomass and biochar for negative emissions products.

Made of Air is a carbon-negative materials company. The company takes low-value wood waste and transforms it into high-value, carbon-negative thermoplastics. These thermoplastics form with all the traditional thermoforming methods and are used for a wide variety of applications, making the company industry-ready. Made of Air is also energy-positive, creating a surplus of usable heat and electric energy. Made of Air is a climate-focused materials company transforming waste biomass into high-value, carbon-negative materials for industrial use.


Made of Air is well-known and partners with big identities such as Audi, H&M, and the Falling Walls. The company also features in the 50 to Watch List 2020 by Cleantech Group.


AUDI AG is expanding its sustainable and digital offerings with the trade. The operation is a lighthouse project for energy efficiency and sustainability for Audi. This is the first time that a CO2-neutral facade material is used for the building, which Audi develops together with the Berlin start-up, Made of Air, with a brand-specific design. Atmospheric CO2 is permanently bound in the building material being used. In addition, a photovoltaic system extends over the roof area of ​​the car dealership. An intelligent lighting control system and sun protection ensure the right lighting conditions in the interior. The building can be supplied without fossil fuels.


Fast fashion retail conglomerate H&M has been working toward sustainable production, launching the H&M foundation as the catalyst toward circularity. H&M is also making pieces from CO2, further reducing its footprint. Accessories like sunglasses are produced from a process that creates carbon-negative plastic that draws carbon from the atmosphere, by partnering with Made of Air.


October 4, 2021
Made of Air raises a $5,800,000 seed round from TD Veen and Tuesday Capital.
Made of Air was founded by Allison Dring, Daniel Schwaag and Kasia Zalewska.

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