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Informal, frivolous and humorous Internet encyclopedia in Russian on the MediaWiki engine, positioning itself as "an encyclopedia of modern culture, folklore and subcultures, and everything else"

Articles of Lurkomorye are written in jargon, consisting of Internet memes, and mainly describe phenomena, events and features that arise with the development of modern culture.

Lurkomorye was founded in 2007. As of April 11, 2021, the encyclopedia contains 9381 entries. According to the Alexa rating dated December 11, 2018, the website is in 8711th place in terms of popularity in the world (down 1469 positions over the past 3 months) and 864th among Russian sites.


Lurkomorye owes its name to the American site, dedicated to the life story of the 4chan imageboard. The phrase “lurk more” itself (eng. lurk - “lurk”, in this case “wander”, “roam (on the network)”, and more - “more”, “more”) is explained as follows: “In most online communities, “silent beginners”, who at first, without revealing themselves, read the messages and only after some time, “having roughed it up”, begin to write” (Lurkomorye also considers it necessary to encourage this process of collecting information)[20]. Gradually, more in jargon was distorted to moar, as a result, even before the appearance of Lurkomorye, the phrase lurk moar was already used in Russian-language imageboards.

The transformation of lurk moar into lurk sea probably took place on the imageboard (Dvach), and the first mention in the Russian blogosphere precedes the appearance of the site[21]. The mythological term "Lukomorye", known in Slavic folklore, was taken as a basis, thus forming a kind of pun. In the future, due to the popularization of the website, in Runet they began to come up with distorted slang names “Lurkmoar”, “Lurk”, “Lurka”, as well as simply “LM” or “LM”.

Theme and style.

The project initially positioned itself as an encyclopedia of Internet memes, but as it developed, its articles began to cover a much wider range of topics: the Internet and information technology, computer games, everyday life, politics, history, culture, social life, and many others.

Lurkomorye is characterized by a peculiar style of articles, characterized by general informality, semi-joking and sarcastic character, free use of obscene language, unceremonious statements, as well as sharp criticism of the shortcomings of the phenomena under consideration.

A distinctive feature of the articles is also a specific slang - "lurkoyaz", consisting of network jargon, individual words from the everyday life of bastards and kaschenites, as well as their own neologisms.

A notable feature of the project is hiding the IP addresses of anonymous participants in the history of editing articles for everyone except administrators - instead of IP addresses, the inscription "Anonymous" is displayed. Registered members who have the status of an auto-verified member also have the option to make any edit anonymously without disclosing their member account.


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November 27, 2020


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