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Langeskov is a town in central Denmark.

Langeskov is a town in central Denmark, with a population of 4,152. It is located in the Kerteminde Municipality in the Region of Southern Denmark on the island of Funen. The Kerteminde Municipality includes the island of Romsø and has a total population of 23,630.

Langeskov is primarily located in Rønninge parish and was established following the construction of the railway line between Odense and Nyborg in the nineteenth century. The town has seen rapid growth and its northern part now crosses the old parish border and extends into the parish of Birkende, a small town of just 655 people.

The town of Langeskov is about 130 km or 81 miles from Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.Some notable people born in Langeskov include Lars Arendt-Nielsen and Mathias Greve. Nielsen is the founder and director of the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI) and a professor in the Department of Health Science and Technology at the School of Medicine at Aalborg University in Denmark. Greve is a Danish midfielder for Bröndby IF futbol club.

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