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Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

Famous As: Rapper, Songwriter

Who is Kid Cudi?

Kid Cudi is an American rapper and actor best known for his ‘new wave’ of rap music which has inspired a lot of other artists, including Kanye West. He entered the American hip hop and rap music scene with his first mixtape, ‘A Kid Named Cudi,’ in 2008.’ By then, Kanye West had become one of the most respected names in rap. Kanye listened to Kid’s music and was immediately driven to get in touch with him. Soon, Kanye signed Kid for his label, ‘GOOD Music,’ and this gave a major boost to Kid’s career. Kid began as a rapper, but also ventured into song-writing, music production, video direction, and acting, acing each aspect of the entertainment industry. In 2008, he released his first single, ‘Day ‘n’ Nite,’ and announced his grand arrival, with a spot among the top five tracks on the ‘Billboard’ charts. The following year, he released his debut album, ‘Man on the Moon: The End of the Day.’ The album received a ‘Gold’ certification by RIAA. Since then, Cudi has released five more studio albums and has proved to be one of the most successful musicians of this generation. He has redefined an entire genre. He has also acted in some popular TV series and films, such as ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine–Nine.’


Kanye West has been known to be the mentor for many new artists, and he hired Kid to work on his album ‘808s & Heartbreak.’ Kid worked on the album’s singles, such as ‘Welcome to Heartbreak’ and ‘Heartless,’ as a co-writer and vocalist. The album became Kanye’s most successful so far, and Kid was exposed to an early fame.

Leading magazines, such as ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘The Source’ regarded him as the artist to look out for, and he also had the opportunity to work on Jay-Z’s album ‘The Blueprint 3.’ The 2008 ‘MTV Video Music Awards’ was his first brush with mainstream limelight, and the highly talented artist found himself working with Kanye’s label, ‘GOOD Music.’

Following his initial success, Kid Cudi appeared alongside many artists, such as Solange and Snoop Dogg. He released a song ‘Sky Might Fall’ for the teaser soundtrack of the film ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.’

In September 2009, he released the album Man on the Moon: The End of Day to a roaring success and it sold more than a million copies in its very first week. The album was among the top five of many music charts and went double platinum. Soon, Kid announced his upcoming collaborations with various artists, such as Snoop Dogg, Clipse, 50 Cent and Travis Baker.

His second album, ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,’ was released in November 2010. The lead single, titled ‘Erase Me,’ was done in collaboration with Kanye West and was a success. His stint with Kanye continued for a couple of more years, during which the duo appeared in Kanye’s singles and in his collaborative album with Jay-Z, ‘Watch the Throne.’

Kid Cudi was making his own waves in the industry, but some felt that Kid was mostly operating under the shadow of Kanye. While Kanye claimed that Kid had been an inspiration to his music, Kid wanted an identity of his own, and this led to a minor feud with his mentor.

In mid-2012, Kid released his third studio album, ‘Indicud,’ which was also his last venture under the mentorship of Kanye. In 2013, Kid officially announced that he was no longer a part of Kanye’s ‘GOOD Music,’ but also said that Kanye would always be his ”big brother.” Following that announcement, Kid launched his own label, ‘Wicked Awesome Records.’

In February 2014, Kid Cudi released an extended play (EP) titled ‘Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon’ exclusively for the retail market. The album was a success and peaked at the fourth spot on the ‘Billboard 200’ chart. He promoted his album extensively on different platforms.

Meanwhile, he also worked on the soundtrack of the film ‘Need for Speed’ and made a short film ‘Balmain Jeans.’

By late 2015, his next album, ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,’ was in the markets and was writing some brand new success stories. His much hyped ‘Especial Tour’ was cancelled owing to his his troubled personal life. .

In 2016, Kid Cudi released another album, ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin,’ which promised to be a sure-shot success even before its release, owing to the hype surrounding it. Rumors of his conflict with Kanye were somewhat addressed, when a single featuring both of them was leaked on social media.

In 2017, Kid embarked on a tour, and it was a mega success. Gradually, Kid slowed down on music and remained limited to collaborations.

Kid has also experimented with acting and has worked in a number of TV series, such as ‘The Cleveland Show,’ ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine,’ ‘Scorpion,’ and ‘Talking Dead.’ His film credits include titles such as ‘Maniac,’ ‘Need for Speed,’ ‘Meadowland,’ and ‘Drunk Parents.’


January 30, 1984
Kid Cudi was born in Cleveland Heights.


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