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JoyCollab is a metaverse platform developed by Pitch Solution.


JoyCollab is a virtual collaboration platform developed and launched by Pitch Solution, a South Korean software development company. The platform was officially launched in May 2022 and is intended to be used as a metaverse office. It was developed by its parent company as a solution for companies who were facing difficulties with the transition to the work-from-home model that was adopted by many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The JoyCollab platform is intended to be used by businesses and companies for communication and collaboration purposes within the team. The platform has customizable office spaces that give the visual of an animated version of an office. There are different rooms that would normally be seen in an office space, including the lobby, a meeting room, offices, and a lounge. Team members can choose a picture to be associated with their account, and specific roles can also be assigned, such as administrator, manager, regular user, and collaborator. Each team member's avatar can show the user's availability (busy, online, offline, etc.) and their emotions using emojis if they so choose.

There are several ways that teams can communicate on JoyCollab, including video calls, voice call, and chat. There are also features that allow information to be shared on virtual message boards in each space.


JoyCollab can be used by companies that pay a monthly subscription fee, although there is a freemium option. Other options start at approximately $5 per month and can accommodate businesses of various sizes—from small companies through enterprises.


JoyCollab is launched.

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