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John Bach

John Bach

British and new zealand actor


He was born on June 5, 1946 in Great Britain, in Wales.

Since childhood, the future actor was interested in art, as well as - acting.

Before John Bach began his own acting career, it took some time, during which John was gaining experience and diligently preparing for his first role.

As fate would have it, John Bach at a certain stage of his own artistic life was in New Zealand, where he worked actively on the television field. The actor starred mainly in soap operas - adored by fans of daytime television.

In addition, the actor took part in a number of films, not bad showing himself and doubling the number of its own fans.

Despite the fact that in Europe John Bach is not as well known as in New Zealand, for example, the image of the actor is still known, at least for the unusually popular film "The Lord of the Rings", in which Bach performed one of the roles.

Directors never cease to be interested in the talented actor and periodically offer him roles, which he performs with real expertise.



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