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Jared Ailstock

Jared Ailstock

Jared Ailstock is the current Head of Business Development at Voyager Aviation Holdings, a privately-owned aircraft investment and leasing firm based in Dublin, Ireland, with over $2 billion in assets.

Jared Ailstock is an American C-suite professional at Voyager Aviation Holdings taking on the role of its Head of Business Development. He has become a prominent figure in the privately-owned aircraft leasing and investment company, managing over $2 billion worth of assets, including Airbus A220- 300/A330-200/A330-300 and Boeing 777-300ER/747-8F vessels.

Jared Ailstock is responsible for managing airline clients worldwide, including Breeze Airways in the US, Air France, Alitalia, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Air Nambia, and Turkish Airlines.

He mainly works from the company’s head office in Dublin but also works from the Stamford office in Connecticut to be closer to home.


June 1985
Jared Ailstock was born.


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