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Jacquemus le Chiquito

Jacquemus le Chiquito

The smallest bag in the world

French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is the man who breathed new life into wide-brimmed hats, created the smallest bag in the world, instilled in people a love of geometry.

Simon Porte Jacquemus

Jacquemus logo

When Simon was 18 years old, he entered the Higher School of Arts and Technology of Fashion (ESMOD) and moved to Paris. Unfortunately, the conquest of the fashionable capital was interrupted by the sad news - his beloved mother died in a car accident. Then the guy, who realized the transience of life, quits design school and decides to sew his first collection.

In 2009, a brand appears, named after his mother's maiden name - Jacquemus.

For a long time, the novice designer was looking for his own style, and his clothes did not have much recognition. A turning point in the history of the fashion house was the receipt by the fashion designer of the LVMH Prize in the form of a cash prize for the development of the company in 2015.

Already in 2018, Simon Port Jacquemus created the legendary Le Chiquito bag model, which has become the hallmark of the brand.

Pink bag le Chiquito

To create the model, the designer chose smooth matte black leather. The model with large handles closes with a wide valve with a magnetic button. Inside will fit a passport, smartphone and keys. Removable shoulder strap included.

Lavender, blue, red, orange and white are part of the Le Chiquito fall collection. bags are priced at $535 for Le Chiquito, and $275 for Le Petit Chiquito.

  1. Genuine leather: 100%;
  2. Country of origin: Spain
  3. Design country: France
  4. Product parameters: Height 17 cm, width 24 cm, depth 9 cm, strap length 100 cm. The kit includes: boot.

Le Chiquito bag


Le Chiquito bag was created
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