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IoTium is a provider of secure managed software-defined network infrastructure.

IoTium is a developer of a commercially deployed secure edge-cloud infrastructure intended to help companies through their digital transformation. The company's solutions work to connect any machine, using any protocol, to any application residing in a data center through any network infrastructure and operator while minimizing deployment complexity issues and network security risks, enabling companies to establish and manage a network infrastructure and eliminate complexities in scalable mass deployment.

IoTium is headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by GE Ventures, March Capital, and Juniper Networks. The company's patented technology enables a Network as a Service (NaaS) solution to securely connect legacy onsite systems to cloud-based applications, allowing building and industrial automation, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and smart city industries to be fully connected.


IoTium's OT-NET offers a cloud-managed network infrastructure which integrates into legacy protocols and works with many existing hardware platforms. OT-NET works to offer zero-touch provisioning, with separate management and data planes, and reduce deployment costs across sites.


Through IoTium's OT-ACCESS, users can provision, authenticate, manage and audit secure remote access for third-party vendors and technicians across sites in a single dashboard.


IoTium's OT-EDGE works to deploy and manage applications at scale at the edge across multiple assets. OT-EDGE is built on Kubernetes, and offers management of containerized applications across verticals.

IoTium's iNode architecture provides a secure perimeter for any IoT device. The solution enables multi-tenancy to allow multiple cloud applications to have access to the same data and device. It also allows each application to set its own policies and services for WAN optimization, QoS and Edge Analytics, in complete isolation of each other. Furthermore, it is a cloud-managed, zero-touch provisioning solution simplifying installation while enabling remote protocol-software-adapter life- cycle management at the edge. This allows third party applications to be deployed within IoTium's network, reducing the need for custom built solutions.


IoTium does not list prices or fees associated with any of their products or solutions on their website, which suggests any pricing would follow the scale and complexity of the intended environment in which it would be applied. Furthermore, the level of service required beyond network integration would change the overall cost of IoTium's system.

With IoTium's partners and their applications deployed on IoTium's network, it is unclear if they offer their network for partners free of charge or if they charge an access fee. As of January 2020, IoTium's estimated annual revenue is approximately $1 million.

Competitors to IoTium's network as a service include Ingenu, which delivers connectivity for machines in industrial applications; Litmus Automation, an edge and cloud provider for industrial IoT; SIGFOX, a cellular network operator dedicated to low-throughput communication for connected objecst; Worldsensing, an IoT company offering solutions for cities and industries with remote assets; Actility, a provider of energy management, machine-to-machine and IoT services; and Aeris, provider of a cellular network for machines.


November 13, 2019
Deloitte and ioTium Announce Working Relationship to Deliver End-to-End Solutions for Secure Industrial Internet of Things
July 18, 2019
ioTium Partners With Telit.
June 11, 2019
ThoughtWire announces partnership with ioTium
September 19, 2018
IoTium raises a $13,600,000 series B round from GE Ventures, Hanna Ventures, Juniper Ventures and March Capital.
May 11, 2017
IoTium raises a $8,400,000 series A round from March Capital.
May 2017
IoTium raises a $8,390,000 series A round from GE Ventures, Juniper Networks, March Capital, OpenSource Ventures and Pankaj Patel.

Funding rounds



Aled Miles

Executive Chairman

Dhawal Tyagi

Founder and Chief Product Officer

Dhruva Narasimhan

Chief Architect

Dorea Elsayed

Chief Financial Officer

Ganesh Ramamoorthy

Vice President of Business Development

Jason Cooper

Vice President of Sales

John Chambers


Kelly Starek

Head of Operations

Kim Truong

Head of Marketing

Klaus Oestermann

Board Member

Pankaj Patel

Board Member

Prabakar Sundarrajan

Technical Advisor

Rajan Raghavan

Board Member

Ron Victor

Founder and CEO

Sady Kanthadai

Head of Engineering, India

Sri Rajagopal

Chief Technology Officer

Sumant Mandal

Board Member

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ioTium Partner Ecosystem Drives Superior Occupancy Experience



June 11, 2019

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